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John Deacon live: Early days

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The (New) Opposition / Art (1965 - 1969)

They started as Opposition, in May 1966 changed their name to New Opposition, on 14th January 1967 returned back to the original name again and finally on 3rd March 1968 they changed their name to Art. From what I know, there are no existing live recordings from this era, only some studio acetates.

The Opposition The Opposition

Line-up - The Opposition (summer 1965 - April 1966)
Richard Young (vocals, lead guitar)
John Deacon (rhytm guitar)
Nigel Bullen (drums)
Clive Castledine (bass)

Line-up - The New Opposition (May 1966 - January 1967)
Richard Young (vocals, guitar, organ)
John Deacon (bass)
Nigel Bullen (drums)
David Williams (lead guitar from July 1966, later vocals)
Ronald Chester (lead guitar from autumn 1966, vocals)
When David Williams joined the band as lead guitarist in July 1966, Richard Young switched to organ (Farfisa / Hammond C 100). And when Ronald Chester joined them to provide lead guitar, David Williams took over the vocals.

Line-up - The Opposition (January 1967 - March 1968) / The Art
David Williams (vocals, guitar)
John Deacon (bass)
Nigel Bullen (drums)
Richard Young (keyboards)
Ronald Chester (lead guitar)
Pete "Pedro" Bartholomew (vocals)
Richard Frew (guitar) - was in the band for just 1 month, than replaced by Ronald Chester
Carl (vocals) - lead singer for a month or two, left early in 1967

Concerts - The Opposition
25.09.1965 Clive Castledine's house, Leicester, UK
October 1965 Gartree School, Leicester, UK
04.12.1965 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK
17.12.1965 Gartree School, Leicester, UK
31.12.1965 Market Harborough Youth Club, Leicester, UK
15.01.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK
05.02.1966 Village Institute, Countersthorpe, UK
11.02.1966 Youth Club, Narborough, UK
05.03.1966 Constitutional Hall, Wigston, UK
11.03.1966 Village Hall, Evington, UK
30.04.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK
January 1967 USAF Base, Molesworth, UK
12.02.1967 Boys Club, New Parks, UK
25.02.1967 Antiquity Club, Churchgate, UK
10.03.1967 Roundhills Youth Centre, Thurmaston, Leicester, UK
18.03.1967 Boys Club, New Parks, UK
31.03.1967 Kirby Lane Community Centre, Melton Mowbray, UK
23.04.1967 Beaumont Keys, UK
30.04.1967 Boys Club, New Parks, UK
01.07.1967 Royal Oak, Wigston, UK
04.11.1967 Club, Evington, UK
10.11.1967 Boys Club, Witterworth, UK
11.11.1967 Zodiac 67 Club, Leicester, UK
21.12.1967 Raven Youth Club, Thurnby Lodge, UK
06.01.1968 Dog & Gun, Thurlaston, UK
12.01.1968 Casino Ballroom, Leicester, UK
27.01.1968 Country Arms, Blaby, UK
09.02.1968 Royal Oak, Wigston, UK
16.02.1968 Youth Club, Lutterworth, UK
17.02.1968 Dog & Gun, Thurlaston, UK
23.02.1968 Roundhills Youth Center, Thumaston, UK
24.02.1968 Youth Club Hall, Kibworth, UK
01.03.1968 Royal Oak, Wigston, UK
02.03.1968 Country Arms, Blaby, UK

Concerts - The New Opposition
21.05.1966 Village Hall, Countersthorpe, UK
14.06.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK
August 1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK
October 1966 Casino Ballroom, Leicester, UK
06.11.1966 Monsell Youth Club, Eyres, UK
11.11.1966 Monsell Youth Club, Eyres, UK
31.12.1966 Market Harbour Youth Club, Leicester, UK
13.01.1967 Tennis Club, Leicester, UK

Concerts - The Art
spring 1968 St. Neots, UK
spring 1968 Kettering, UK
16.03.1968 Gartree School, Oadby, UK
29.03.1968 Youth Club, Lutterworth, UK
28.04.1968 Village Hall, Billesden, UK
11.05.1968 Village Hall, Kibworth, UK
summer 1968 Melton Mowbray, UK
17.12.1968 Gartree School, Leicester, UK
11.01.1969 West End Ballroom, Coalville, UK
18.01.1969 Rugby Club, Hinckley, UK
25.01.1969 Community Centre, Kirby Muxloe, UK
01.02.1969 Village Hall, Kibworth, UK
08.02.1969 Bridge Hotel, Bedford, UK
15.02.1969 Rugby Club, Tyers, UK
August 1969 Youth Club, Great Glen, UK

From flyers (that surprisingly enough survived) it's obvious that there were more gigs than those listed but it's impossible to fill in the gaps because the flyers don't feature the year of the concert and sometimes not even the date. There are no known setlists but apparently they often played Heart Full Of Soul.

Deacon (November 1970)

John Deacon (bass)
Don Carter (drums)
Peter Stoddard (guitar)
Albert (guitar)

21.11.1970 Chelsea College, London, UK

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