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Brian May on tour: Back To The Light 1993 [3]

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Concertography > Brian May live > Back To The Light 1993 [3]
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Tour itinerary [52 concerts]
29.05.1993  Cologne, Germany Concert info 18.10.1993  Houston, USA Concert info
30.05.1993  Hanover, Germany Concert info 04.11.1993  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
31.05.1993  Nuremberg, Germany Concert info 05.11.1993  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
02.06.1993  Paris, France Concert info 07.11.1993  Hiroshima, Japan Concert info
04.06.1993  Edinburgh, UK Concert info 08.11.1993  Osaka, Japan Concert info
05.06.1993  Whitley Bay, UK Concert info 10.11.1993  Sendai, Japan Concert info
06.06.1993  Glasgow, UK Concert info 11.11.1993  Kawasaki, Japan Concert info
08.06.1993  Manchester, UK Concert info 13.11.1993  Tokyo, Japan Concert info
09.06.1993  Sheffield, UK Concert info 20.11.1993  Munich, Germany Concert info
11.06.1993  Cardiff, UK Concert info 21.11.1993  Frankfurt, Germany Concert info
12.06.1993  Birmingham, UK Concert info 23.11.1993  Hamburg, Germany Concert info
15.06.1993  London, UK Concert info 24.11.1993  Halle, Germany Concert info
16.06.1993  London, UK Concert info 27.11.1993  Berlin, Germany Concert info
19.06.1993  Bournemouth, UK Concert info 29.11.1993  Paris, France Concert info
21.06.1993  Rotterdam, The Netherlands Concert info 30.11.1993  Düsseldorf, Germany Concert info
27.06.1993  Budapest, Hungary Concert info 03.12.1993  London, UK Concert info
12.09.1993  Winterthur, Switzerland Concert info 04.12.1993  Nottingham, UK Concert info
04.10.1993  Montreal, Canada Concert info 05.12.1993  Birmingham, UK Concert info
05.10.1993  Toronto, Canada Concert info 07.12.1993  Belfast, UK Concert info
07.10.1993  New Haven, USA Concert info 08.12.1993  Dublin, Ireland Concert info
08.10.1993  Providence, USA Concert info 10.12.1993  Liverpool, UK Concert info
10.10.1993  Chicago, USA Concert info 11.12.1993  Plymouth, UK Concert info
12.10.1993  Detroit, USA Concert info 14.12.1993  Barcelona, Spain Concert info
13.10.1993  Milwaukee, USA Concert info 15.12.1993  Madrid, Spain Concert info
14.10.1993  St. Paul, USA Concert info 17.12.1993  Cascais, Portugal Concert info
17.10.1993  Dallas, USA Concert info 18.12.1993  Oporto, Portugal Concert info

The Dark is played from the tape and Brian launches the show with Back To The Light, the title track of his album. After Driven By You he greets the fans, comes closer to the edge of the stage and a rockin' version of TYMD follows. Love Token begins with a short Jamie's solo, then comes the heavy part. In the end of this song the girls (Shelley and Cathy) start "arguing" with Brian: "he cheated on me... son of a bitch, motherfucker..." and Brian usually replies "I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing, I was rushing Headlong..." Acoustic part consists of Love Of My Life (this song never misses in the setlist), the a-capella intro of '39 and Let Your Heart Rule Your Head. After a couple of heavier tracks it's time for Brian's guitar solo (brilliant as always). Cozy is certainly not left behind and during his drum solo he drums along with the famous 1812 Overture (many lighting effects - worth seeing). As a grand finale, the rock part of Bohemian Rhapsody is played and it fluently changes into a "reprise" of Resurrection. It's time for band introduction (especially the ladies are cool :-) It wouldn't be a good concert without We Will Rock You, this time performed as the famous slow/fast version. Quite a long version of Hammer To Fall usually closes the concert.

Brian's concert in Brixton Academy was filmed and later released on CD and video. It's a brilliant recording although some parts are cut. Dream Is Over had to be omitted because Yoko Ono never bothered with replying to Brian's letter about releasing this John Lennon's song. There were some troubles with guitars before Last Horizon and Spike had to play a keyboards solo before they fixed the problem :-) The CD released also misses part of Love Token, Hammer To Fall and We Will Rock You if I remember well. Buy the video if you can!

Note: after 7th November 1993 Driven By You was dropped from the setlist because (according to Brian's words) it was a difficult song and Brian had some serious troubles with his voice. Otherwise the setlist didn't change much BUT Brian very often came with a surprise or two! The most memorable concert was the final one in Oporto. Cathy Porter apparently sang the We Are The Champions intro (a-capella), Hammer To fall was played by Brian, Jamie and Spike with the Guild guitar and a half dozen more Guild guitars played by the techs on stage, miming Brian! The band also did a loooong version of Love Token and somewhen during the middle section Cathy and Shelley approached Brian singing "Merry Christmas" and dropped a lot of "sparkling confetti" over his hair. Brian seemed to be quite emotional.

Typical setlist
01. The Dark 14. Guitar Extravagance
02. Back To The Light 15. Resurrection
03. Driven By You 16. Cozy Powell drums solo
04. Tie Your Mother Down 17. 1812 Overture
05. Love Token 18. Bohemian Rhapsody reprise
06. Headlong 19. Resurrection reprise
07. Love Of My Life 20. Brian May Band introduction
08. '39 (intro) 21. Last Horizon
09. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head 23. We Will Rock You slow
10. Too Much Love Will Kill You 24. We Will Rock You fast
11. Spike Edney keyboards solo 25. God (The Dream Is Over)
12. Since You've Been Gone 26. Hammer To Fall
13. Now I'm Here  

Tracks played only scarcely
Teo Torriatte (mostly Japanese gigs)
Let Me Out
Too Much Love Will Kill You (French lyrics)
'39 (full version - Plymouth, Oporto)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Liverpool)
Big Spender (Halle)
Mustapha intro (Madrid)
Las Palabras De Amor (Madrid)
We Are The Champions (Oporto)
Merry Christmas (Oporto)
Business (part, London)
Is This The World We Created? (part in guitar solo, London)
Keep Yourself Alive (part in guitar solo, Dusseldorf)
Chinese Torture (part in guitar solo)
Tavaszi Szél Vizet Áraszt (part in guitar solo)
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