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Brian May on tour: Another World promo

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Concertography > Brian May live > Another World promo
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Tour itinerary [3 concerts]
05.06.1998  Rome, Italy Concert info 11.06.1998  London, UK Concert info
09.06.1998  Paris, France Concert info  

This minitour was done as a promotion of Brian's new album Another World. Mimed and/or TV performances (that includes the famous VH1 gig) don't count, they're listed in a different category. These concerts were held quite shortly after the death of Cozy Powell and so they feature Steve Ferrone on drums. Eric Singer came later.

All songs were done in a semi-acoustic way, Brian didn't play his Red Special this time. Tie Your Mother Down features a short funny intro story about a boy and a girl who are in love... IMO the song is worth hearing especially because of this story :-) This is the first time Brian played his new version of Hammer To Fall (slow/fast), apparently this arrangement was Jamie's idea. A brilliant version!

Typical setlist
01. Only Make Believe 05. Tie Your Mother Down (with intro story)
02. On My Way Up 06. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
03. Driven By You 07. Hammer To Fall (slow)
04. Why Don't We Try Again 08. Hammer To Fall (fast)

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