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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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manuelitobonito wrote:
i love queen thats all
Date: 13.06.2005 23:43:04

angelica wrote:
queen is the best band ever!!!!!!!!their#1!!!!!!!
Date: 11.06.2005 23:37:44

sam wrote:
last night went to see a queen tribute called the great pretender, was amazing. was getting me ready for the concert in hyde park, i hope that will be good.
Date: 05.06.2005 20:23:53

david taylor wrote:
i have been a QUEEN fan since 74 then when i heard BO RHAP that was it!! my collection is huge thanks in no part to my wife who is also a QUEEN nut!! i have visited a lot of QUEEN site and yours in one of the BEST keep the faith!!! we have been to the us/uk/dutch conventions and so far have seen QUEEN+ paul rogers in manchester & dublin next stop HYDE PARK see you there we hope LETS ROCK kysa DAVE T
Date: 05.06.2005 13:58:35

saga wrote:
mandame videos y notisian de queen
Date: 04.06.2005 01:59:13

sparks wrote:
fantastic site.

on wembley setlist why haven't you included the small segment of 'liar' played between seven seas of rhye and tear it up?
Date: 03.06.2005 02:06:26

jose gozategui wrote:
thank you for your music. thank you to freddie for the most wonderfull years of music.
god save mercury
Date: 31.05.2005 03:21:15

marty202 wrote:
i can play four queen songs on bass gfuitar and i am only fourteen. i learnt with the queen wembley dvd and sheet music from the internet. thankyou everyone who has posted sheet music on the internet you are brilliant
Date: 26.05.2005 08:23:29

Sundance wrote:
I traveled with Queen for about a month many many moons ago. I want to say it was in 1982-83... their tour ended in L.A. playing two gigs at the end. Went out with the personal crew roadies and a couple of the band members to eat japeneese food many times down in Hollywood. It was there that I was introduced to Saki... if you have never tried it... don't. :-)
I remember one night during that tour, we played at an Ampitheater which had a animal refuge next door down in California. The people brought over a couple baby lions so we could pet them etc... it was very cool. The same night I got a huge surprize right along with the other fans; during "we are the champions" a blimp went over head with the lyrics going accross the blimp. Of all the hundreds of shows I have been to I have never seen or experienced anything close to that feeling. The whole crowd was screaming out the lyrics and the band was tighter that ever. There has got to be someone here that was either there with me that night or has it on tape... if you do will you let me know? I have lots of Queen stories ~ each of the band members were excellent people. The crew was incredible. Remember, the bands make it rock, but the roadies make it roll.
Peace, Sundance
Date: 21.05.2005 06:22:20

Lorenzo wrote:
Just one word for the website of the most professional Queen Fan in the world: Congratulatios!
Date: 18.05.2005 01:42:07

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