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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Lino Galveias wrote:
Hello I have just seen a video of Brian playing "I'll Sleep when I'm Dead" with Bonjovi, and according to the only information I know is that it happened in 1994? Can you put more about this gig on the site, please? Thank you very much! :)
Date: 31.03.2006 21:47:10

Lisa wrote:
Hi, found your site awhile ago. Great site ! Just love it especially the autograph section. I didn't know there were so many "fakers" out there! Thanks for the info.
Date: 29.03.2006 02:57:46

Morten Eng (from norway) wrote:
QUEEN ROCKS!!!! can Queen+ Paul Rodgers play live in Norway or something?i'm a big fan of you.this is a greeting to you Brian May and Roger taylor and also Paul rodgers.i love you guys. ;-)
Date: 28.03.2006 21:03:51

bryan thompson wrote:
im a 20 year old queen fan and i have enjoy queen music since i was a small boy
Date: 28.03.2006 11:46:59

Steven wrote:
THE best Queen site, second to none!!

Date: 27.03.2006 20:48:08

Mark sturr wrote:
This is the best site I've ever been to. Rock on Martin.
Date: 26.03.2006 23:01:02

Daniel Maquez (Mar del Plata Age wrote:
Impresionante la informacion sobre los conciertos.
Date: 26.03.2006 14:29:45

Thomas W. Elkins wrote:
I'm a 63 year old who has always enjoyed Queen's music. However, during the 70's and 80's, although a fan of the Queen musical talents, I didn't even know who the band members were. I wouldn't have been able to pick Freddy Mercury out of a line up. Several years ago, my now 15 year old son became a Queen fan. I purchased the Wimbly DVD for him, and began watching it myself. My three year old son can't take his eyes off of the DVD. My three year old's favorite song of any song that he knows at his young age is "Fat Bottom Girls". I too have become mesmerized by the talent of the original Queen - now not just as muscians but as performers. Yesterday I read in the paper that Queen was performing at Auburn Hills in the evening. MY 15 year old son's friend is the son of the President of the Palace, where the band performed. His friend had a suite ticket and asked him to go. I drove, and was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket. The whole purpose of this email is to let you know that the concert was a highlight of my concert going experience. The attention to all details of the performance was astounding. What a wonderful gift that Brian and Roger have not lost a beat in their performance as muscians and stage personalities. Roger was terrific in keeping Freddie's legend alive. The atmosphere of the concert was electrifying. I recall several years ago while watching the Wimbly DVD thinking how sad it was not to have had the opportunity to see Queen live. What a wonderful gift to have that wish fulfilled. There was nothing disappointing about the event. The talent matched everything that I expected. The crowd (of all ages) was totally into the event. I sat in "nose bleed" seats, and all around me, the crowd (and myself) were standing through the entire concert - soaking in every note and the fantastic special effects. What an experience. My thanks to all who worked so hard to arrange this tour - they certainly didn't disappoint those who attended. WOW - such a experience. I wish the entire crew and band a very successful remainder of its tour; and I hope that the band will continue to tour and perform. They are exceptional.
Date: 26.03.2006 01:23:31

WINSTER wrote:
Date: 22.03.2006 17:15:41

yonatan wrote:
Yo naci el 3/9/1986,y yo no experimentaba lo que era en ese tiempo queen,pero les aseguro que yo me acuerdo que por tv pasaban la noticia que freddie mercury habia fallecido y en ese momento me compadeci mucho por el aun no conociendolo y mi corazon se puso triste al oir la noticia.
En el año 1992 hasta el año 2003 yo aun no escuchaba queen porque no lo conocia y yo era de oir poca musica,pero en el santo año 2004,eschuche queen y no lo dejo de eschuchar.
sorprendanmen y escribanmen mi mayor deseo es que me conecte con brian may. ojala pueda conectarme con vos brian may,los quiero aguante la reina.
Date: 22.03.2006 16:34:52

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