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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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mjk85 wrote:
Greeting from Poland for everyone !!!
This is great site, good luck in the future.
P.S. Why Queen gigs from 2002 aren"t in "Queen on tour", but in "Roger" or Brian tour ??
Date: 03.04.2003 20:36:12

_misio_ wrote:
Hi!!! I"m Queen Fan from Poland and I want to say that in my country from Queen Fans only Przemo is so vulgar... sorry for him...:((( I also have my own website about Queen www.queen.net !!! Sorry for all mistakes in this note:))...great site...
Date: 02.04.2003 09:37:52

Christhianne RodMan wrote:
This site is one of the best I`ve ever seen in my life!
Date: 27.03.2003 18:41:10

Marcos Tadeu wrote:
Congratulations for site...
I"m Brazilian...remember Rock In Rio 85?
Morumbi 81?...Two great shows...
Write for me!
God Save The Queen!!!!!
Date: 27.03.2003 02:54:57

seb wrote:
Absolutely nothing to say - just a real Bible !
Date: 24.03.2003 22:16:11

-Sword_Fish- wrote:
I´m a very big Queen fan, but I never was on a Queen Concert.
I´m a German boy and I can´t speak English very good, sorry.
I´m happy, if somebody writes me an e-mail.
Date: 09.03.2003 13:21:26

Roberto wrote:
Ah ah I laughed my pants off when I saw the new section "Autographs"... Great job Martin! ;)
Date: 06.03.2003 21:27:57

Mirek wrote:
Mas to Martine fakt dobry, jen by sis do sekce autogramu mel zaradit jeste podpisy Cross ode mne, aby to bylo uplne dokonaly :)
Date: 05.03.2003 08:20:53

Zdenek wrote:
Cau lidi, existuje ted nejaky aktualizovany web o Queen v cestine? Scullyho stranky jsou super, mozna nejlepsi ze vsech, ale cestina je ma jedina rec, takze si to moc neuziju. dik za odpoved.
Date: 25.02.2003 16:02:32

Andrew Cattell wrote:
Had original copy of FM tribute concert. Was lent out to a friend(?) and not returned. Been looking for copy of original concert on and off for a couple of years with no lack. Bought 10th year edition DVD and not happy with it for all the reasons mentioned in this site. Unable to get copy from local TV as concert was not broadcast in Queensland, Australia. Video copy was available on official website Christmas eve but haven"t seen it since. At the time I was a bit low on funds after Chritmas shopping. If any-one can help me get a copy of original concert, even if it is simply by e-mailing me if and when official video becomes available I would be most thankful.Loved the site. Great work. Much better than the official site.
Date: 25.02.2003 10:55:48

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