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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Jeff wrote:
The 1978 show in St. Louis had April Wine as the opening act. There was another band that opened in from of April Wine but I don't recall who it was.

Thanks for the great site. It's fun to go back and recall the four shows I was able to attend. I saw the last four (out of a six total played in St. Louis). Great times!!!
Date: 28.11.2006 19:39:59

opera39 wrote:
There are thousands of mexican fans who would love to see Queen playing at Mexico again. Congratulations for this site, it's really great, or as we say here, "DE POCA MADRE!" Greetings.
Date: 27.11.2006 09:47:34

bryan wrote:
of all the queen sites ive been i think this is the best one. thank u for putting this on the internet
Date: 27.11.2006 09:12:44

GeishaMinah wrote:
aaahm.....a silly question now....how can I write something in the discussion forum?
Can anybody help me?Please!
Date: 24.11.2006 20:10:07

GeishaMinah wrote:
This is absolute the best Queen site I have ever seen:)
And I hope you`ve all lit a candle for freddie today;(
Date: 24.11.2006 19:57:17

ferdy wrote:
don't know if you missed but christies sold yesterday some stunning items including an original set list from Wreckage/ibex period.. very useful for your concertography I think...

check my homepage

Date: 22.11.2006 11:41:48

Roy Davies wrote:
Hi, great site,
I notice you have Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow down as supporting Queen 10/9/76 at the Cardiff Castle festival. This is incorrect; They were indeed due to appear but found that the venue was too small to feature the huge electronic rainbow stage-set the band were touring with at the time, so Rainbow cancelled and were replaced by Manfred Mann.
Date: 21.11.2006 18:53:48

mark green wrote:
just a brief note about the second night at Liverpool Empire in 1979. At the acoustic section with Brian and Freddie, Freddie mentioned that WINGS had just been in the city playing and he and Brian started to jokingly play 'MULL OF KINTYRE', then Fred said something along the lines of "i'll be Linda Macartney". Hope this helps. I did have tapes of the two shows for years but have lost them over time, both shows were brilliant, especially the second night.
Date: 18.11.2006 15:33:07

michael sell wrote:
folks, new to this site and new to the largwe queen collecting "scene". I've been amasing my collection for over 21 years but very low key, standard issue limited editions etc. However recently changed job and now have a "little" spare cash, so as my user name on ebay is Darknessfan you may have come across me (if i out bid you sorry!!)

what i'm interested in is recently was bidding on what i don't own genuine signed queen albums singles posters etc, it was pointed out to me that a lot of goods were in fact fake and even the IQFC now say so.

what tips my good friends and who is it best (if that's the right thing to say) to get them from.

obvious RMT and Bm JD may still be around to help out but.....

thanks for the help

ATB Michael
Date: 06.11.2006 19:37:44

Linda MItchell wrote:
Trying to find the final schedule of tour for Queen for 2006.
Date: 06.11.2006 18:06:50

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