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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Jessica wrote:
Hey!! Great website!! I'm a member of a great website (http://users.boardnation.com/~innuendo) i always to go your website to listen to the Queen radio which i'm doing right now. Queen is such a great band and i wish that Freddie was still here. 12 years and going strong!!
Date: 16.12.2003 17:34:08

fer wrote:
hello. i fan of queen, i wanna all the rarities availables!!!!!!
Date: 15.12.2003 22:42:46

De Schrijver Kevin wrote:
Hi Mr Scully,
Congratulations withe your UNBELIEVABLE SITE !!! I can't believe the amount of work you must 've put in this project. It's also great to share a commun passion with people all around the world and sometimes Belgium...
Btw, Mr Scully is a very reliable trader, do it !
Kevin, Ottignies Belgium
Date: 12.12.2003 14:49:57

Helen Averyanova wrote:
I`d like to thank for you creating such an excellent site! That`s really a work to do.
I think I will add it to my favourities and, surely, will recomend it to other Queen fans.
I`m so happy to have the oportunity to look at genuine autographs of all the members!!!!!!!!!!!

Some information about me: I`m 20 yers old. I`m from Russia.
I agree to what you`ve hinted saying that Roger&Brian have recorded WWRY with Britney, Pink and what was the name of the third one...I even don`t know such a name and am not trying to remember it. May be they tried to raise their popularity among young people, well, I won`t stop to respect them and love their music eternally after that , but it`s under their dignity.
Again thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you would like to answer me personally, I don`t mind, I`ll be very glad to receive your answer if not it`s OK too.
Date: 04.12.2003 21:24:13

Mats wrote:
Hey, GREAT side !
As a fan of music and a BLOODY COLLECTOR I like the encyglop-character of your side. By the way I own very official recording of Queen (My most beloved album is JAZZ) but I' m only collection items from other groups ...
Greatings from Hannover/Germany
Date: 28.11.2003 17:06:22

Marnix Allegaert wrote:
I'm a Queen fan since the early seventies and i must say...YOU DID A GREAT JOB creating an site like this!

As a collector i just say i enjoying it every week and i just can hope you still 'keep yourself alive' !

I will try to do my bit on your site.

Thanks anyway ! Marnix from Belgium
Date: 26.11.2003 21:09:31

Steve Ingless wrote:
I only saw Queen once; in 1976 at Hyde Park in London, but what a group, and what a day!
Date: 14.11.2003 20:36:29

pittrek wrote:
Great site,Scully,but why didn't you think about all us Netscape/Mozilla/Opera/Konqueror/ Galeon/lynx/links... users when you created the menu ? It doesn't even work on old IE! What about a little NOSCRIPT section ?
Date: 13.11.2003 15:51:16

jasiek wrote:
The best Queen SiTE i've ever seen! congratulations!!!!!
Date: 11.11.2003 20:34:25

annika wrote:
i love Queen
Date: 10.11.2003 20:20:42

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