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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Jo Pritchard wrote:
Hi , Thanks for your site . It has enabled me to track down the only time I ever saw Queen live , which was 9.1.71 at Ewell tech.

I have great memories of seeing Queen playing as they were way down on the Bill (cant really remember who else was on that night ) but thought they were the best thing that evening. Very memorable as they didnt even play on the stage but on the floor to one side and there cant have been more than 20 people watching them . Consequently I was feet away from them and had a great show with Freddie camping it up and winking at me the whole set. Im not gay but thought it real good fun and couldnt believe people had walked away. If you know who else was on that night I'd be interested to know , as Ive forgotten , I think it may have been Genisis as well and 3 or 4 others. I went to a lot of gigs at Ewell Tech around that time , saw loads of bands but this was the most memorable as I just knew this band was going to be big. I was 19 at the time.
cheers Jo
Date: 25.08.2010 17:10:52

John Kirby wrote:
Great site ...I was looking after the keyboards and bass gear on the Hot Space Europe tour at the end of the tour my car was broken into and I lost all my luggage and memorabelia....glad to see there is a reference online to prove I was there......Very cool ....John Kirby
Date: 02.08.2010 06:12:23

Gabriel Tapia wrote:
This site is AMAZING!!!!
My first concert was Queen at the San Diego Sports Arena, back in March 05, 1977. I was thirteen years old and I still remember the incredible show they put on. It was an extraordinary experience for any body, not to mention a youg teenager.
I was amazed to find photos of that memorable show on this site......WOW!!
I remember going back late the same year to the same venue to try and get into their show, but unfortunately it was sold out.
I had to wait until the summer of 1980 (July 5th) for my second Queen concert experience, as you might imagine it was woth the wait.
Thank you so much for bringing back those great memories from my tennage years.

Date: 22.07.2010 22:47:24

pete wrote:
What a terrific site this is! Some excellent information as well, however, i dont think the shepherds bush empire or theatre to give it its proper name has ever been home to BBC's Top of the pops, the show was recorded at lime grove in the early days and then moved to Television centre and finally on to Elstree in the 1990's, but it has returned to Television centre since for christmas shows etc...Anyway once again a great site for all queen nuts...
Date: 03.07.2010 21:55:08

Becky McGhee wrote:
Hey there!
I really hope Queen tour again! They're my life!
Preferably not in October of 2010!
Date: 26.06.2010 22:23:22

Arturo Elias wrote:
are you going to come to mexico city?
I soo you in 1981
Date: 04.06.2010 23:01:34

Alexander Herrera wrote:
Are you going to come to Guatemala, Central America?
Date: 05.05.2010 20:04:16

Mr Farenheit wrote:
Fantastic site
Date: 25.04.2010 11:37:02

paul smith wrote:
I was one of about 6 people who saw the Hornsey Town gig on 19th February 1971. It was my first ever gig, and as 'The Queen' (as they were billed) were bottom of the bill, they were the first band I ever saw live. They were supporting the Pretty Things and The Pink Fairies, and I was one one the few people who had turned up early enough to see them. Little did I know I was seeing history in the making, and there were loads of fliers & posters around the hall which I am now kicking myself for not picking up. I have often wondered whether 'The Queen' were 'Queen', and it was really great to have that confirmed by this website. I remember enjoying the set, and I'd like to imagine that I saw the star quality immediately, but to be honest what I remember most clearly about that night was how great the 'Parachute'-era Pretty Things were. (And I missed the Pink Fairies altogether as I had to get the last bus!). My wife has seen Queen at Wembley, so we've seen both ends of the spectrum 6 to 70.000!
Date: 24.04.2010 23:42:53

Stefani wrote:
Queen Rocks!!!! i am doing a project on Freddie Mercury, do you know any cool facts about him??????
Date: 21.04.2010 16:16:44

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