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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Daniela wrote:
I'm from Argentina and I'm only 19 years old, but I have always loved many queen songs, and yesterday my mom suggested without waiting for any favorable answers "what about renting a queen DVD concert??" and we did it. I just loved it, and I fell in love with Roger so here I am, looking for pics of him. It was quite harsh, although, to discover that Roger is quite old nowadays, but it was great to find this site and see all these incredible pictures. I'd love to go over there in Europe and take a pic with them as you did, you can consider yourself the luckiest guy in the world!!! hahahah
it is so, so bad that Freddy is not around any more, I just think all the people that love him must learn from his mistakes and correct theirs before it's too late, don't you???

I loved your site, really
Date: 02.10.2007 06:28:34

matias wrote:

i'm from argentina and I would like to know if there is a video of the concert: Live at the Golders Green Hippodrme 1973.


Date: 12.07.2007 19:56:07

keon g. wrote:
Does anyone know if Q&PR are touring again? I heard perhaps Q&Sheryl Crow. I was in attendance for the Q&PR tour in NY & Anaheim CA, they were both awesome!! Great website and keep up the good work!!!
Date: 12.07.2007 06:33:10

daniel wrote:
I am selling these stuff, about QUEEN, obviously, if anyone's interested, drop me a line!

Date: 03.07.2007 14:28:22

Juan Carlos wrote:
Hola Que Grna Sitio Yo soy de mexico y fui al concierto de toronto y me gustaria ver si alguien tiene algo de este concierto audio video lo que sea y mis respetos al dueño de todo
Date: 02.07.2007 09:43:10

brian williams wrote:
the greatest goup this planet has ever seen ,i have been priviledge to watch the queen phenomena ,freddie ,the greatest ever frontman ,this music will live forever ,live aid ,wow . are we lucky or what ,lol bri
Date: 16.06.2007 00:33:42

dave ell wrote:
I saw Queen in Seattle in '80 and '82.The '80 show was shocking,violent,wild,agressive and perfect.The '82 show was toned down and lower volume untill freddie started a riot.I have heard no recording that tops the '80 show.It was better than live killers! They were on the second night of the tour but the first night for the usa.Freddie told us 'HELLO MOTHER F*****'S!!! I will post a complete run down of the show if I can figure out how to do it on this site. ps. Got their autographs at the hotel in '82!
Date: 31.05.2007 17:52:46

Jasna wrote:
Hello,hello.I'm from Croatia,huge fan of Queen.There songs are in my mind 24/7.I go to sleep listening to Queen,and the voice of Freddie Mercury wakes me up.It's awesome.Yes,and if You see B rian May or Roger Taylor,tell them that there's a woman in croatia who adores them.my biggest wish is to meet them,or at least go to the front door of Freddie's home.Well,maybe in another life.Thanks,bye from Croatia.By the way,perfect site.
Date: 23.05.2007 21:53:09

Christian wrote:
The best Queen side ever
Date: 22.05.2007 16:42:37

Jeff wrote:
Date: 25.04.2007 23:06:37

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