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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Mark Capozzi wrote:
Hey ,very cool site. Have been a Queen fan since 1974. First time i saw Queen was at Orpeim Theater Boston Ma....1975 ,2nd Row Floor....Blew me away....The second time i saw Queen was at the Music Hall Boston Ma....1976 .10th row center.....Great show after sthe show me and two friends were hanging around in the back alley smoking a joint talking about the show when 2 black limos pulled up and into the alley. There was about ten people in the alley the drivers got out and open the back door then the back door to the Music hall opened and there was Queen with Joe Perry From Aerosmith about to get into the limo also 2 Very Hot Chicks with them. all the people in the alley rushed the door. I went around to the other side of the limo and opened the car door. Face to Face with Brian May i handed him my Program and all 4 Queen members signed it...TOO COOL...I still have it to this day
Date: 25.07.2006 20:21:52

Barbara wrote:
Congratulations on your 1 millionth visitor, Martin :) You can be proud of your excellent website which is certainly one of the best fan sites on the net. You must be happy that your meticulous work and your dedication is appreciated by so many people. All my best wishes for you and the continuing success of Queenconcerts.com
Date: 14.07.2006 22:42:00

shane wrote:
I have never been to a QUEEN consert but I love QUEEN so much they are my favorite band. I wish I could of been alive to see freddie mercury play.
Date: 05.07.2006 23:58:28

Den wrote:
Great site - found it while researching true/fake autographs .... VERY helpful. Have now bookmarked for a long reading session when I have more time.

Date: 04.07.2006 15:54:42

Nowimhere wrote:
Great site. I love it. Keep up the good work. Few more pictures would be nice.
Date: 04.07.2006 13:43:14

meddows wrote:
hi, good web. Im Mexican.
Date: 28.06.2006 20:05:07

Adam wrote:
Fab web site. Love the info on the fakes!!!! I am thinking about starting a website up with collectors info in if anyone can give me some advice. Take care for now all you queen fans! Long live the queen!!!
Date: 22.06.2006 00:39:03

Kyle wrote:
This site is awesome it is filled with interesting things about Queen.
Date: 17.06.2006 04:39:37

George wrote:
I love Queen, I like very much his songs and his lyrics. I am Argentinian y want so much to travel to England to see the museum of Queen!!!!!!
Date: 13.06.2006 21:44:50

seijimok wrote:
I tried to sent an email but I can't do it correctly. I am very poor and right now cannot affort to add to my very small collection that I am very safisfied with for the moment but am looking forward to purchasign the magic tour in the futrue from any of the people on this website firs to show thansk for the queen free radio you supply us. it is all that gets me through and helps me study because i can also choose what songs i like for the future to knwo what songs or concerts I want. your website is very good and your free queen 24 hour radio is a very kind gift to us poor people! I am very grateful! thank you!
-A fan who grew up hearing queen and is now revisiting for the 3rd time! (Now I have to go to QA meetings and my friends want to stage an intervention!
Date: 02.06.2006 04:46:09

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