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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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janice barillo wrote:
oh God i am mentally addicted to Freddie Mercury's voice to the point that i dreamed of him every night. i am an obsessed fan of freddie..i was 5 years old when i watched their Radio Gaga mtv, we didnt have a tv set at that time then so if ever i heard this song, i ran to my neighbor's house to watch it!!AHAHAHA! i am now 31 yrs old. i interperted his Bohemian rhapsody song in a dance during my high school days..ahh, how time flies...Freddie you are the best!!Oh God, Im in love with a dead man!!!
Date: 09.11.2011 02:10:10

Scorpya wrote:
Lover of Life, Singer of Songs....with no doubt.
Freddie Mercury, the best singer & entertainer in the world of music of all time...and QUEEN the best band that ever existed.

Only love and respect for them!!!

Great site :)

Freddie Mercur
Date: 19.09.2011 23:03:41

jaana paltanen wrote:
You are a beautiful man, Brian May! You are very classy human being. I wish a knew you personally. You seem so very sad, and so real. I have loved QUEEN for such a long time. I used to play your albums for my teenage staff in my bakery, and they fell in love with Queen. Funny how life goes. For some weird reason I have been watching videos tonight on the computer (which I never do). You are such a sensitive, beautiful man. Nobody is like that anymore. Oh well, I guess I am a stupid romantic fool..... hopem your life is beautiful....
Date: 10.09.2011 03:16:05

Rosalie Eby wrote:
Missing all of you
Date: 07.09.2011 06:46:39

Roger Strimco wrote:
Thanks for the info and I will come back to chat with ya... asbestosremovalcostx.com
Date: 18.08.2011 07:29:37

Diego wrote:
Great web page!
Got a good question for you (i think lol)
Does anyone knows when the Wembley vocals overdubs took place? When and where...?
Date: 04.08.2011 02:13:44

paan wrote:
I have a vintage band shirts ... queen the game tour 80 and A Kind Of Magic tour (1986) ... if I want to sell to you .. Do you want to buy it??

if anyone is interested you can email me bundlejourney@gmail.com I will email all the details...
Date: 27.07.2011 23:07:37

Janeth Abril Ramos wrote:
Great Website!! i love it, thanks for sharing about the best group in the world
Date: 15.07.2011 00:15:59

Liz wrote:
13 Jul 2011 - 26 years ago today Freddie and Queen stole the show at Live Aid. Voted Best Live Aid Gig, the footage from this performance (found on Youtube) shows Freddie rocking and commanding the massive crowd with his tremendous charisma.

Wish we could have kept you a little longer, Freddie. I feel for Mary Austin, Freddie's "wife" prior to his preference for men. She was the love of his life and best friend who inherited his London home and massive fortune. It must be very difficult to live in a house surrounded by Freddie's possessions and all of her memories of the years they had together. We love and miss you, Freddie.
Date: 13.07.2011 15:56:35

Dave wrote:
Verry good pages!!!! Thank you
Date: 25.06.2011 19:18:51

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