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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Olivia wrote:
hey whats up??? im one of the biggest fans of Queen ever!!!! i love them so freakin much!!!!! its been 17 years and 2 days since Freddie had passed :( its super sad and depressing :( i was born 6 months after he had passed!!!! wow!!!! i love and miss him so much :( i hope that Queen comes to the US in '09!!! that would be amazing!!!! talk to u guys soon :)

Queen Love<3
Date: 26.11.2008 15:19:10

David wrote:
Come to Atlanta!!!!!!! Can't wait to get a group to come see you perform. Love your RAVE concert on HD!!!
Date: 24.11.2008 23:49:56

Brian K. Spalding wrote:
Just wanted to say I've followed Queen since 1977. My 1st Album (yes Album, not CD) was A Night At the Opera (Still have it, in MINT Condition).
I've seen Queen twice (Both times in Detroit, MI) 1980 & 1982 & then Queen + PR in 2006 at the Palace of Auburn Hills (Basically, Detroit again). Can't wait to see the Cosmos Rocks Tour!
I was the ONLY person in attendance in the Movie Theater on 11/6/08 for the Big Screen Presentation of the Cosmos Rocks show from the Ukraine. It was an AWESOME PERFORMANCE and can't wait to be in attendance, LIVE in '09!
Date: 24.11.2008 18:25:44

agus wrote:
i want join with queen comunity and i want to know about queen ?
Date: 19.11.2008 07:37:30

Allen Leibovitch wrote:

I was happy to find your site whilst searching for the "Londoner" song Brian sang at the O2 last week. It's a great resource and I'll use it again.

I noticed that your posted ticket stub was two rows ahead of ours (112, Row L, seats 387 and 388. We were the ones with the American flag just behind you.


Allen L. from California
Date: 17.11.2008 01:55:39

Claudia wrote:
Hey I want to know when Queen is arriving to CHile.
Date: 14.11.2008 22:52:54

Román wrote:
Hi Mr. Scully i looking your web and i think is the best ever Queen page!!! your passion for make day after day the set list make me return every day and always i dedicated to see all yourt sections!. Congratulations!!

I have an idea for your site, maybe put all the Queen albums and on every song a link to see a list of concerts where the was played. For example i want to see when a where was making Time to shine....can i make a click on the song and can view the only concerts that it has. Something like a query "Select * from Concerts where song_name = 'Time To shine"...jeje

Is a sugestion just but your datawarehouse of Queen concerts are amazing!!.

Long life to Scully!!

Date: 10.11.2008 05:11:03

santiago wrote:
ya llegan a busnos aires, por favor, q emocion hay en el ambiente, q fiesta va a ser!!!
que sea 21 ya mismo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
se os hizo realidad el sue&#241;o, gente!!
Date: 08.11.2008 18:20:44

karolina janikova wrote:
to cathy: How did you like the show in Vienna? :D
Date: 08.11.2008 00:47:50

laura marchetti wrote:
Soy Laura Marchetti, espero que quienes lean esto puedan ayudarme. Necesito saber cuándo y a qué hora llega Queen + Paul Rodgers a Chile, con mi hermano necesitamos ir a saludarlos (o por lo menos intentar saludarlos) al aeropuerto. Es algo que ambos hemos esperado toda la vida (él 31 a&#241;os y yo 19). Cualquier información, sobre posibles visitas de Queen en Chile a programas de radio, televisión, entrevistas, hotel que los recibirá, por cuantos días, etc., por favor avísenme a: flakilaurits@hotmail.com o 08-2267119. Quienes han sentido amor por la música, y sobre todo por un grupo como Queen, espero que me respondan ya que una oportunidad como ésta, difícilmente se repetirá. Muchas gracias.
Date: 07.11.2008 19:09:43

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