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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Sid wrote:
I really wanted to leave a story about the concert in Dec of 1977 in Atlanta. Here is a short version. I was a 18 year old teenager and a friend got free tickets off the radio. I was a hard rocker and fan of Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Van Halen, etc. Not a Queen fan by far. I went to the concert and they came out on stage playing Jail House Rock of which I did not care for either, Until then.... It was one of the BEST LIVE CONCERTS I have ever seen. I had a great time and Loved Queen from that point on. I'm now 49 years old and still Love Queen's Music.
Date: 20.02.2009 15:03:43

alberto wrote:
you're simply a genius...your collection is the eight wonder of the world! Please tell me is there a way to get some of these recording? Please answer me, thank you. Albert
Date: 29.01.2009 11:39:19

Webmaster wrote:
Arie, are you a friend of Caroline? Because Caroline mentioned to me that Brian met her friend's daughter and I think I saw both of you at the sound desk. I cross my fingers so that your daughter fights the disease successfully!
Date: 28.01.2009 08:16:27

arie brouwer wrote:
Thanks for a fantastic site, we visited the Rotterdam concert, we live there actually. That evening was very special for us, because my youngest daughter of 13, whom is suffering cancer had a very long, 45 minute encounter with Brian just before the show, she spend the concert at the sound table with Tripp Khalef. Brian dedecated Love of My Life to Freddy and my daughter. It was a thrilling night. God bless.
Date: 05.01.2009 17:12:14

Alina wrote:

I just checked your updates of the recent tour and I'm impressed! You put it all together very well! Your pics are awesome! These are the best I've seen so far of the tour 2008. Really great job! ;)

Date: 03.01.2009 01:38:17

La Ultra Zona wrote:
Hello! I'm from Argentina, and have a blog, where I post all my pics of the show (and pics + videos with them!). Please visit me:
Date: 29.12.2008 04:36:02

drew wrote:
thouroughly enjoyed navigating thru the site :) truly a labour of love

Take care and keep up the excellent work!

Date: 23.12.2008 03:41:53

david mitchell wrote:
fantastic sight mate.very well maintained,and very informative.nice work.
Date: 14.12.2008 19:43:50

Paul Johnson wrote:
Fantastic site, very well researched and organised and laid out :) When will you have information on the tour equipment being used on the Rock The Cosmos tour?

Can't wait till Queen's next tour, hope they release another album with Paul Rodgers ;) Saw them at Sheffield 19/09/08, that's one date I will never forget :D
Date: 06.12.2008 01:37:21

Michael wrote:
Wish to see u in my small island of Malta. Thanks for your music.
Date: 04.12.2008 22:57:07

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