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Feel free to leave your message in my guestbook. HTML tags or links won't work so don't use them.
Remember this is only a guestbook! If you want an answer, please visit the discussion forum instead!

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Thomas wrote:
Fantastic side, i love it. I saw Queen 2 Times in Germany 84 & 86. And also the Cross. Check my Page for the Cross Tickets from 88 & 90 in Dortmund


Date: 03.11.2002 21:08:48

Pal wrote:
Amazing site.
Only one small mistake (and I think it is considered to be a mistake only by Hungarian fans):
It is always mentioned in Queen-related bookks, articles etc that the tickets for the Budapest concert in 1986 were only sold to certain people in special places, I also read in a book that the prices price was more than a monthly average salary. Please believe, these informations are not true. Me and my brother bought the tickets at the cassa of the stadium together with the other 70 thousand people for about 500,- Hungarian forints, which was not cheap at all, but at that time my father"s salary was about 11.000,- Forints. I know it sounds exotic that behind the "iron curtain" it was something very special, which is true, but please don"t forget that Tina Turner, Elton John and Dire Straits also played in Budapest before Queen. In 1986 before and after Queen"s concert Rod Stewart, Iron Maiden and the Scorpions played here, in 1987 the Genesis played in the same stadium, so Queen"s concert was a huge event, but not a unique one. However, it is true that Queen was the first major band to play in Nepstadion (the name of the national stadium).
Date: 30.10.2002 09:04:37

tim wrote:
Why dont you call your site "The Official Queen Web"This is the cleanest and most kicking site off"m all.It"s almost a drug.
vriendelijke groeten uit Zwolle.Holland.
Date: 29.10.2002 23:01:17

NB wrote:
Great site Martin. Highly useful to me as I"m starting off my collection of live recordings.
Date: 29.10.2002 18:20:12

Dave Dukes wrote:
Great Site! Thanks, I was trying to pinpoint the exact dates of the 2 Queen shows I was able to see. I went to Market Square Arena in Indy in 1980 (9/11 - shiver). I remember a couple of things about that show. Freddy was not happy with a roadie who appearently did not hand him the hand held mic on cue. Later, I watched with binoculars as F.M. went backstage and literally whipped this guy with the mic, then ran back onstage. Several other roadies held this guy back, or he would have rushed the stage. During the last song, I think it was Sheer Heart Attack. The band seemed to end the song early, and Deacon threw his bass end over end and knocked another poor roady off his feet. Wild Show. My other show was at Poplar Creek (outdoor shed) in chicago, in 1982. Billy Squire opened that night. Any idea who opened 11.9.1980? Dakota?
Thanks Again, DLDukes
Date: 29.10.2002 05:10:08

Martin Yates wrote:
I thought I"d already signed this, but obviously not...

Well done Mr Scully, once again you have surpassed yourself. I thoght your other site was great, and this once is definately as good, if not better.

Date: 22.10.2002 17:21:04

krejciol wrote:
sakra konecne jsem se sem dostal. Parada hochu, fakt dobra prace, skoda jen, ze u sebe nemam sluchadla na radio:-(
Date: 18.10.2002 08:08:32

Case wrote:
I"ve been off-line for a couple of months, so this is all new to me...

And ofcourse your site is always the best...

At Queenzone.com my name is "Dubroc".

Keep it up, Mr.Scully!
Date: 17.10.2002 18:20:29

Patricio wrote:
Your page is great men, bunch of info, grat photos too.
I`m impressed, continue like that and this page will be the best about Q information.
Date: 15.10.2002 18:54:28

Nicholas wrote:

I am a member of the Queenzone and have traded with many Queen fans. I wondered if you would like to trade with me. I have Barcelona live at the Ku Klub (not in box set) plus Brian playing live with Status Quo on the song Raining In My Heart. I also have many other videos and a list is on my site. I also wondered whether my list would be helpful to you in compiling your list of existing videos.

Date: 14.10.2002 16:13:35

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