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Which album is perfect?

gameshowfan76 Posted on 30.03.2006 15:32:43  
I mean which one can you listen to all the way through without skipping songs or wishing that certain b-sides were on there instead of other songs. (But only from that album's singles) We are not including the remixes (which funny enough a local classic rock station played Tie Your Mother Down's remix yesterday. I was kind of horrified. Idiot prob thought it was an edit. One whole minute more WOOOOO bad to play especially when they play free bird in its entirety. Anyways, here are my picks:

Best Album: Queen 1

Why: All the songs are great. The only one that is shaky a little with me is Modern Times Rock & Roll but it is a decent song, much better than Loser In The End.

Album with most switches: Miracle & Live Killers

Why: Miracle should have had Stealin', My Life Has Been Saved, Hang On In There and Hijack My Heart instead of My Baby Does Me, Rain Must Fall, Party and Invisible Man. Then the album would have been perfect at least for me.

Live Killers should have had If You Cant Beat Them, Somebody To Love & Fat Bottomed Girls instead of Dreamers Ball, Dont Stop Me Now & Sheer Heart Attack. And they should have picked a better version of Keep Yourself Alive.

Lurex Posted on 30.03.2006 16:03:31  
Sorry that I ask you about this but I must write this because so many "strange questions" are born in this forum. Why You ask about this thinks on this forum - it's clearly write "Discussion forum about Queen concerts". Topic like You are availible on many usual sites about Queen - QueenZone for example. Sorry fo this words but I don't understand this : /

gameshowfan76 Posted on 31.03.2006 23:32:28  
many of the posts on here are not about queen concerts and technically since they've had at least 5 or 6 live albums it can count.

Not sure why you replied then, now THAT is the question.

As for Queenzone, i am not a fan of that site and in the 4 years i've been around here, it is mainly just queen talk in general.

queen rox Posted on 24.04.2006 02:39:30  
i think A NIGHT AT THE OPERA or QUEEN II. But Queen II was basically the first ANATO and its just like it. So you have give it props! Plus the best tracks of all time are MARCH OF THE BLACK QUEEN & BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY! PEACE OUT!
god bless QUEEN

flash david Posted on 01.06.2006 09:22:49  
Live killers but studio albums i would say a day at the races

birgisson Posted on 04.06.2006 20:34:53  
I enjoy most queen albums, but a day at the races seems most "perfect" - tho my fav is sheer heart attack.

queen123 Posted on 24.07.2006 16:37:51  
Most Queen albums are great. I agree with everyone about there choices, however it depends on what period of Queen you prefer and what songs you like.

With the albums i own i would have to say that A Night At The Opera is the one i can listen to all the way through. But The Miracle has many wounderful songs and Innuendo has some stunning songs too (most noticeably Innuendo, The Show Must Go On and Bijou).

Anyway gameshowfan76, i currently have a recent copy of The Miracle and it has extra tracks including "Hand On In There", "Chinese Torture" and a 12" version of "Invisable Man", but i don't know if that has been released in the USA.

But you say that they should not have put Party or Invisable on the album, well its a bit stupid because Party goes with Khashoggi's Ship and Invisable Man was released as a single so it had to be on there, but i do agree with you on Rain Must Fall though.

queen123 Posted on 28.07.2006 14:48:52  
ok i change my mind, Queen II. Just recently bought it and i can't stop playing it!!!!!!

I totally agree wiv queen rox.

Mark C Posted on 29.07.2006 18:05:53  
Queen 2 is the best album. Try listening to it with Headphones at night in the dark.......Queen was one of the fist bands to use panning vocals from left to right, back to left.back to right .....and no synthersizers as they use to say

queen123 Posted on 31.07.2006 14:44:35  
I do everynight!!!! i know exactly what you are talking about. Its superb!!!!

Prescott2811 Posted on 24.04.2007 12:17:40  
ummmm the only albums i skip sngs on is the Jazz Or Hot space, the songs sometimes don't stick in my head there is a few like Fat bottom girls or Don't stop me now,

thevilla1 Posted on 24.05.2007 16:25:32  
Yup, Queen II is the perfect album...and if i had to pick a side...

side black would be more perfect than side white :)

cthooli Posted on 09.10.2007 21:26:52  
Innuendo and The Miracle

stormtrooper Posted on 09.04.2008 07:02:02  

dandy97 Posted on 11.10.2008 15:24:15  
I completely agree with stormtrooper!QUEEN II!

Fernand0 Posted on 14.01.2009 22:06:31  
I think Queen II, A Night At The Opera and Innuendo.

daniels Posted on 22.01.2009 18:57:05  
In My Opinion 'Sheer Heart Attack' And 'Innuendo'

farrock_bulsara Posted on 18.07.2009 00:46:45  
For me are all, but I think that 'Queen I', 'A Night At The Opera' and 'News Of The World' are the album's that show's the really 'style' of Queen music, in my opinion of course.. The Works is very enjoyable too, or Queen II .

QueenSisse Posted on 26.10.2009 18:35:29  
i think that the album that the album i enjoy most listen to is 'A day at the race'. i can here it again and again i think itīs perfect. that doesnīt mean that i donīt think that there is any other albums thatīs perfect 'A day at the races' is just my favourite.

firewind Posted on 27.11.2010 22:18:06  
it's a very very difficult choice :D

ok, let's try... i mostly love "Queen I", "Sheer heart attack" and "A day at the races", these albums are so perfect, i love their seventies glam style, i think these early works are even complete and mature.
sorry, but i couldn't choose one single album XD

AlexakaRosco Posted on 13.09.2011 13:58:24  
A Day At The Races is the perfect album. Though I love Queen II more for its complexity, concept and diversity.

the evil Posted on 07.12.2011 23:30:13  
difficult to choose one, I like sheer heart attack if I have to choose one

obsessed Posted on 15.01.2012 16:12:46  
The Game, Queen ll, or News of the World. Those are my top 3, anyways. Freddie's favorite was The Game though, so I guess I have to go with that.

vlekjes Posted on 17.03.2012 12:28:20  
Best Queen album : Queen II
Best Queen song : Mother Love

akanawha Posted on 12.07.2012 07:03:35  
I can honestly say I love all of their albums, but my eternal favorite is Queen II. Sheer Heart Attack was the first Queen album I got addicted to, and is my second choice.

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