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stpatos Posted on 13.10.2005 04:16:38  

Kolleksiyoncu Posted on 13.10.2005 16:08:18  

nicolas Posted on 13.10.2005 18:39:23  
none !!!!

readyfreddie91 Posted on 14.10.2005 03:12:27  
noneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee QUEEN ROCKS..!!

Lurex Posted on 14.10.2005 11:46:16  
Flash Gordon ? It's a very nice album !!! (and also film)
But about the song - sorry but for me "She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettoes)" is little boring but it's not a bad song.

gb_master Posted on 14.10.2005 21:39:58  
Get Down Make Love...boring song

Lurex Posted on 15.10.2005 12:03:45  
Get Down Make Love rocks man ! I mean on concerts.

drpope Posted on 18.10.2005 16:08:29  
in my opinion, the worst Queen song can be chosen from:
- Who Needs You
- Delilah
- Cool Cat
- Rain Must Fall
- You Take My Breath Away
also, the worst album, possibly, is Jazz

Freddie F Posted on 18.10.2005 18:24:07  
"You Take My Breath Away", one of their worst songs? Are you crazy?

- Body Language
- Pain Is So Close To Pleasure

drpope Posted on 18.10.2005 18:28:53  
yes, it's awful, mostly due to the a-capella intro...

Freddie F Posted on 18.10.2005 19:02:33  
So, "Breakthru" is awful, too. And maybe the single version of "I Want It All"?

nicolas Posted on 18.10.2005 19:54:58  
you're all crazy LOL

Lurex Posted on 19.10.2005 16:18:46  
You Take My Breath Away - it's a lovely song !

Pikkolo Luca Posted on 19.10.2005 18:17:53  
Don't Try Suicide - surely it's not Freddie's best composition...

stpatos Posted on 19.10.2005 18:35:39  
take my breath away is one of their greatest song!i m realy not sure about the worst but i am sure its not tmba

hunglah4u Posted on 24.10.2005 03:27:18  
I (as well) love that song. Great performance at the 1977 Hyde Park show I think...all though the copy I have the audio slurs a bit when he is singing it.

White-queen Posted on 02.11.2005 19:16:52  
I think Get down make love is the worst song on album and live but that is my opinion,i always skip it;)

giujus Posted on 02.11.2005 19:23:44  
BODY LANGUAGE, no doubt!

Lurex Posted on 05.11.2005 12:47:43  
Get down make love is so powerfull mostly in 1981 in South America tour! No way it's a great song White-queen

readyfreddie91 Posted on 25.11.2005 03:01:03  
shut up all of you.... QUEEN ROCKS... ALSO ALL OF QUEEN SONGS ROCK.. TOO..

n.j.s. Posted on 14.12.2005 17:39:10  
drpope - what an earth are u talking about the jazz album is great along with 'who needs you' is one of those classic tunes.
But i suppose everyone is entitled to there opinion

fenderek Posted on 16.12.2005 15:00:48  
Body Language

zildjian Posted on 17.12.2005 18:21:58  
Jesus from 'Queen'

hangman83 Posted on 18.12.2005 14:51:45  
Ming's Theme(in the court of Ming the Merciless), the orchestral parts scare the crap out of me:-)

Jazz is their worst album(relatively) in my opinion, but that's mainly due to the dry production and the order of songs, which is wrong, but the songs themselves are quite good(especially"the Rock Block" IYCBT/LMEY/DOT).

The Miracle is also one of their lesser ones. Again the order of the songs doesn't really work(the greatest hits section in the middle) and it contains a couple of weaker songs(Party/KS/MBDM), but it also contains one of their best songs ever, Was It All Worth It.

Having said that, I must say that I still like all of their songs(some , like Party, can only be qualified as nice) and all of their albums, and none of them can be called garbage/rubbish/crap or whatever.

aragorn Posted on 26.12.2005 11:52:46  
play the game is the worst song

Lurex Posted on 26.12.2005 15:20:17  
aragorn - are You nuts ! Do You ever hear this somg on any Queen concert ?!

aragorn Posted on 26.12.2005 15:45:35  
yes why?
but the most beautiful song is "who wants to live forever"

lastdazeofmay Posted on 27.12.2005 01:04:48  
I don't really think any of the songs mentioned above are that bad. I would probably have to choose something from Made In Heaven, but not sure which one.

Lurex Posted on 30.12.2005 09:17:37  
aragorn - I agree :)... mostly on Magic Tour ;)

flash david Posted on 03.03.2006 12:10:52  
No disrepesct to drpope but i felt cool cat was one of his better songs you see how big of a voice range this man had and if you listen real close at the end of the song as it is fading out you hear one of the highest notes that freddie ever hit at the end and he has hit some high ones but listen real close because it is right at the end of the song it's unbelievable

flash david Posted on 03.03.2006 12:24:07  
I think all of god's people is a great song you have to think about the
vocal Ranges these guys hit when you listen to their songs and the complex arrangements these guys put in their songs they were unreal

johncurt Posted on 18.03.2006 13:35:46  
ahhhh! people rebeling against any one Queen song. hummm. I for one, actually enjoy, EVERY SINGLE SONG ever recorded by Queen, and now, Queen& Paul Rogers.
Whats up with you people? Enjoy all the songs, with Freddie gone, his voice will NEVER BE HEARD from again, until we all meet in Heaven!

flash david Posted on 27.03.2006 06:46:54  
Kudos to you Johncurt you are 100% right you have to admit GOD has a great band up there right now can you emagine Jimi Freddie stevie ray bonham lennon and the list could go as Queen would On and On and On and ON and On i can't wait to see that concert when i get to heaven and the best thing about it is it will be FREE

johncurt Posted on 28.03.2006 05:01:38  
hey flash...where would Karen Carpenter fit into this great band in heaven? (ha ha)
Can only imagine Freddie and John Denver singing a duet>>>>>>>>>>interesting

tajfun Posted on 13.04.2006 13:06:37  
the worst song is Who Wants To Live Forever :/ i hate it (bleeee)

Lurex Posted on 13.04.2006 13:25:37  
tajfun - You probably don't know what you say : /

tajfun Posted on 13.04.2006 17:02:28  
I know what I say :/ it's really bad song ... and boring ... but it's only my opinion :)

Lurex Posted on 14.04.2006 06:49:20  
Of course - it's only Your opinion :)

queen rox Posted on 23.04.2006 03:43:09  
The worst Queen, song? None that I can think of. None are the worst, they have great songs and some kind of crappy ones. But there's no WORST song. Queen rock and always will.

flash david Posted on 01.06.2006 09:19:47  
hey johnkurt interesting mix there remember he did sing with caballle in a song called barcelona i have that song too it was great

September Posted on 14.06.2006 18:34:31  

bassie Posted on 13.07.2006 12:28:35  
As every Queen fan has a best song, he or she has a minor song, but it's a personal choice. I think even Freddie had a worst song, a song that he rather didn't sing.

~Pred. Posted on 18.07.2006 21:55:02  
Album - If i had to choose, the miracle, just not an enjoyable album

Song - again, if i had to choose, Party.

queen123 Posted on 19.07.2006 00:23:35  
I believe the worst queen song has to be Delilah off Innuendo. The album is meant to send queen off with a bang and it does untill u get to deliliah. But it really makes up for itself with the beutiful Bijou and my favourite queen song ever The Show Must Go On. However I have to say that Innuendo does not come far behind TSMGO, another stunning, characteristic Queen epic!!!!

Others to add to the list are:

Pain is so close to pleasure
Rain Must Fall

violonbleu Posted on 21.08.2006 22:28:16  
The WORST Queen song is: the track 12 on "Made in Heaven" Album. The lyrics are : "Yeah".
And the title is "Yeah".
Not original I think :-)

cactus Posted on 30.09.2006 07:25:32  
it's so annoying!
to be honest, i wish they kept to their 70s stuff, like "a night the the opera". coz those songs were unique n weird n frickin amazing.

queen123 Posted on 01.10.2006 00:55:44  

Are you mad!?

What wrong with A King Of Magic? Its one of the classic songs in Queen's collection. It always went down as a favoutie whilst Queen were on tour, especially during the "Magic Tour".

I think ur just the odd one out on that one, but hey, ur not always going to like every song.

farrock_bulsara Posted on 23.10.2006 17:45:01  
All of you are crazy!All about Queen is good.But to say the true "Cool Cat" itīs a little bit boring :(

Lurex Posted on 31.10.2006 17:19:29  
No, no my dear farrock :) This song is realy cool (like name)

chris.mason Posted on 05.11.2006 12:10:31  
My Life Has Been Saved.

Queen Rock Posted on 09.01.2007 22:15:43  
i dont think that any queen songs are the worst i agree with queen rox there are some "bad" songs but in general they are all good, i think about all the vocal rnges and work that went into them and realise thay are a work of art.

Prescott2811 Posted on 24.04.2007 12:06:01  
yeh there all great, i mean there not all the very best but still there is not one that is crap. I mean I dont like some of them like body language but still i think all the queen songs are great :)

thevilla1 Posted on 24.05.2007 16:30:04  
worst single release for me was bicycle race..

worst album track....hmmmmm...delilah (sorry freddie)

worst live..i want to break free

but still better than most other groups! :)

farrock_bulsara Posted on 14.08.2007 21:20:55  
Bicycle Race ?? :S

Was one of the bestīs single's ... :D

Delihah , it was dedicate to his cat ... :)

I like I Want To break free live and in studio , but in studio it's a little bit better ... xP


stonecldcrazy Posted on 19.09.2007 18:45:21  
Not a fan of Cool Cat or Save Me, and outright *hate* Play the Game. Could it be the cheesy "special effects"? Nah, it's the song.

Being a cat person, I love Delilah; however I agree that it doesn't quite FIT on Innuendo.

axel9640 Posted on 26.09.2007 04:07:54  
here are the not so good songs from every album

queen1-all good except for the instremental seven seas of ryhe
queen2-loser in the end it's just not rogers best
sheer heart attack-) She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) is just too slow and it's not that bad but it doesn't work for me
night at the opera-all is great
day at the races-drowse is another not so good roger song
news of the world-flight from the inside is just one again another not so good roger song[when will this end}
jazz-Leaving Home Ain't Easy,more of that jazz,and fun it are just not so great queen songs
the game-coming soon
flash gordon-2) In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme)
3) Ming's Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless)
4) The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction Of Dale)
5) Football Fight
6) In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)
7) Execution Of Flash
8) The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)
9) Arboria (Planet Of The Tree Men)
10) Escape From The Swamp
11) Flash To The Rescue
12) Vultan's Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men)
13) Battle Theme
14) The Wedding March
15) Marriage Of Dale And Ming (And Flash Approaching)
16) Crash Dive On Mingo City
17) Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations
hot space-Calling All Girls, Body Language
5) Action This Day
6) Put Out The Fire, Staying Power
2) Dancer
the works-Machines (or 'Back To Humans')
a kind of magic-don't lose your head,a kind of magic'a kind of magic
the miracle-perfect
made in heaven-perfect

basically there's only 5 or ten including flash gordon of queens songs that are not so good songs,but hey they can't all be good

does anyone love the wreckage song green,even though it's not a good recording,and silver samon,feelings,polar bear,blag,april lady,earth,hangman,see what a fool i've been,and i heard that queen productions is releasing one of queens concerts with the night comes down,jesus,stone cold crazy and even hangman with it and see what a fool i've if it's true and the qualitys good what a dream come true for every queen fan.

Timdescally Posted on 05.12.2007 09:32:29  
There are no worst songs...but if i was Mack i produced some songs a bit different..more like the old Queen..listen to some rough studio demo takes like "action this day"and "life is real" ect..with real drum sounds and nice guitar liks.but there are no worst Queen songs..NON..

CoboHall1975 Posted on 29.03.2008 22:26:14  
The Hot Space album......

stormtrooper Posted on 09.04.2008 06:57:46  
Flash Gordon album was a little boring. I love Queen but not this album.

daniels Posted on 26.07.2008 16:38:06  

dandy97 Posted on 07.10.2008 12:47:17  

None.Personally,I like all of the QUEEN songs that I have heard. ;)

BTW,I love Body Language!

daniels Posted on 30.10.2008 22:29:08  
QUEEN ROCKS. But Some Of The Songs On Hot Space Are A Bit Crap

bobplaysthedrums Posted on 10.11.2008 06:09:53  
The worst Queen songs is Body Language but if you don't take the song seriously it ends up being a good song.

sonic2008 Posted on 10.11.2008 19:36:49  
Being the genius musicians Queen are, I can only find 2 songs in their entire catalogue that I consider to be really weak [and who am I ? :-) ]. These 2 songs are 'Rain Must Fall' and 'My Baby Does Me'.

bobplaysthedrums Posted on 15.11.2008 23:38:24  
Edit: I've changed my mind the worst Queen album isn't Hot Space its Made In Heaven.

bambissimo Posted on 16.11.2008 09:52:47  
All albums and songs of Queen are simply P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!!!!!!!

meaghan89 Posted on 22.12.2008 06:40:55  
yea, im not a big fan of that song either. but here are some i am a fan of: http://www.song-list.net/queen/songs

Fernand0 Posted on 14.01.2009 22:01:37  
I hate Body Language and Dancer:-)

daniels Posted on 22.01.2009 18:57:57  
Dancer And Pain Is So Close To Pleasure

farrock_bulsara Posted on 18.07.2009 00:41:35  
made in heaven the worst album ? omg, you can't like Queen :x

queenfan94 Posted on 08.04.2010 18:34:17  
There are very few Queen songs but these are the worse ones: ( am not counting any songs from Flash Gordon)

More of that Jazz (Just a bunch of nothing. Very poorly written)

Party (Very bad lyrics, very redundant, nothing special)

All God's People (Very redundant, not very interesting)

Fight From the Inside (Not very interesting, nice lyrics but poor melody)

Tear it Up (Annoying, seems like just a bunch of yelling in the chorus)

jasonite Posted on 12.05.2010 09:04:53  
Worst Queen song: Delilah ...sorry, but a dumb song about a frickin' CAT.


Mike S Posted on 16.11.2010 21:24:18  
Don't know why but I always skip over 'Another One Bites The Dust'. Something at a fundemental level inside really doesn't like that song. It's not a bad song, just not for me, that's all.

firewind Posted on 27.11.2010 22:05:19  
there's not a worst song to me. i love all of their songs :D

for those who wrote that "Pain is so close to pleasure" is the worst song... i don't think so, it's simply wonderful! *__*

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