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Least Favorite Queen Song

gameshowfan76 Posted on 06.01.2005 00:13:12  
I am just curious, what is everyones least favorite.

Mine would be a tie between Dreamers Ball and Cool Cat.


Mr.Scully Posted on 06.01.2005 09:12:20  
Body Language.

stian_alexander Posted on 06.01.2005 09:52:46  
Most Queen fans will say She Makes Me, simply because its a boring song

giovit Posted on 06.01.2005 13:17:53  
fun it
sweet lady

Sebastian Posted on 07.01.2005 01:44:07  
Studio - Cool Cat and/or Delilah
Live - See What A Fool I`ve Been

David Jones Posted on 08.01.2005 00:31:44  
I've probably got one from each album

Queen - maybe Jesus
Queen II - probably Loser In The End and also Funny How Love Is
Heart Attack - She Makes Me
Opera - Probably none actually! On the whole its a good album (maybe Seaside Rendezvous and Love Of My Life are skippers)
Races - Drowse and Teo Torriatte
News - Probably none (maybe All Dead)
Jazz - More Of That Jazz
Game - probably Coming Soon and maybe Rock It too!
Flash - I probably skip half of this if I'm not in the mood
Hot Space - probably Body Language but definately Calling All Girls and Las Palabras
Works - Radio Ga Ga
Magic - Pain Is So Close, maybe Don't Loose Your Head
Miracle - Rain Must Fall
Innuendo - Ride The Wild Wind, All God's People, Delilah
Heaven - possibly Mother Love if I'm not in the mood, My Life Has Been Saved, A Winter's Tale

I think Queen albums work better as vinyls than CDs, you learn to appreciate the lesser tracks more, whereas on CD you tend to skip them. I find myself listening to the album as a whole more on vinyl...

gameshowfan76 Posted on 08.01.2005 18:58:36  
i have to disagree with "stian"

She makes me is not that bad of a song!

if i had to pick one per album:

Queen- 7 seas inst version. Waste of space IMHO

Queen 2- Loser in the end


Opera- Good Company

Races: NONE, i think it is perfect. MAYBE drowse, only because i am not always in the mood for it.

News- Sheer Heart Attack. the end solo NEVER FAILS to give me a splitting headache

Jazz: Dreamers Ball & In Only 7 Days

Live killers: most of it. just crappy versions i think. It could have been better. Christsakes, KYA sounds like it is being covered by Warrant or some other hair band.

Game: Bites the dust, only because i am a DJ and i am sick to death of it. otherwise, none.

Flash: Most of it.

Hot Space: Cool Cat & Staying power

Works: Man on the prowl & keep passing the open windows

Magic: Pain is so close & one year of love

Miracle: My baby does me & Party/kshoggi's ship (They sound so fake)

Innuendo: NONE, the perfect album

Made In Heaven: Its a beautiful day (when i bought this, i was so disappointed in this song. I thought my god his voice is cracking this album is gonna suck. Thankfully the rest of it is awesome)

Live @ The Bowl: Under Pressure

Live @ Wembley: all the covers. They are cool but the 10-15 minutes wasted could have been used for better QUEEN material.


Impromptu Posted on 08.01.2005 19:40:15  
Queen - none
Queen II - none
Sheer Heart Attack - Now I'm Here (it kicks ass live though)
A Night At The Opera - none
A Day At The Races - none
News Of The World- Fight From The Inside, Who Needs You
Jazz - Jealousy, Fun It, More Of That Jazz
The Game - none
Hot Space - Dancer
The Works - Man On The Prowl, Machines, Keep Passing The Open Windows
A Kind Of Magic - Gimme The Prize, Don't Lose Your Head
The Miracle - Party, Kashoggie's Ship, Rain Must Fall
Innuendo - I Can't Live With You, Don't Try So Hard, Ride The Wild Wind, All God's People, Delilah
Made In Heaven - none

Tatterdemalion Posted on 17.01.2005 17:46:30  
Queen - I have to say Seven Seas Of Rhye... but that's because it's instrumental
Queen II - I have to say another instrumental song again, only because it is an instrumental song, Procession
Sheer Heart Attack - Dear Friends, a beautiful song, but way to long.
A Night At The Opera - I used to say The Prophet's Song, but I start to like it more and more, now I have to say God Save The Queen, just because it's instrumental.
A Day At The Races - White Man, it's a song that I never listen to for fun.
News Of The World - We Will Rock You, to simple and IMO the worst Queen song ever except from some tracks on Flash Gordon, notice that I mean We Will Rock You (studio), NOT FAST LIVE, I love fast live.
Jazz - Leaving Home Ain't Easy, I don't know why, but I think it sounds strange.
Live Killers - I have to say We Will Rock You (Slow) actually, the same reason as News Of The World.
The Game - Coming Soon, don't know why actually, but it's don't fit.
Flash Gordon - Can't decide.
Greatest Hits - We Will Rock, same as NOTW
Hot Space - Calling All Girls, don't like the mixture of acoustic guitar and funk/disco.
The Works - Machines (or 'Back To Humans'), to much synth.
Don't Lose Your Head - To repetetive.
Live Magic - Bohemian Rhapsody, IT'S CUT!!!
The Miracle - My Baby Does, It's weak
Innuendo - All God's People, no comments.
Greatest Hits II - Headlong, to repetitive.
Live At Wembley'86 - Gimme Some Lovin', Too short.
Made In Heaven - Track 12, it speaks for itself.
Queen Rocks - Headlong, same as GHII.
Greatest Hits III - Another One Bites The Dust (Queen + Wyclef Jean) rap and AOBTD doesn't fit.
Queen On Fire Live At The Bowl - Now I'm Here (Reprise), not so much singing.

Ducksoup Posted on 23.01.2005 12:27:23  
Queen- none
QueenII- None. It's my favourite Queen album.
Sheer Heart Attack- Now i'm Here (love the live version)
A Night At The Opera- none
A Day At The Races-none (my second favourite Queen album)
News Of The Wolrd- None
Jazz- none
Live Killers (i liked it when i was 10 y/o, but when i started collecting bootlegs i was a bit dissapointed in the album and the studio additions on it)
The Game- none (first Queen record i ever bought.. i like it a lot)
Flash Gordon- most of it
Greatest Hits - now i'm here (see SHA)
Hot Space- none
The Works- radio gaga, I want to break free (heared it too much)
A Kind Of Magic- none
The Miracle- none
Innuendo- none
GH II- (radio gaga, I want to break free see the works)
Live At Wembley (Brighton Rock guitar solo.. boring long solo)
Made In heaven- none
Queen Rocks- now i'm here
GH III - Another one bites the dust , The Show Must Go on (was never a hit in this version)
On Fire Live At The Bowl- guitar solo (long and boring)

Rhye Posted on 23.01.2005 23:40:24  
Definitely Delilah!
it's the only song in the whole Queen catalogue I always skip!

Karolina Posted on 28.01.2005 20:35:11  
Queen - Son And Daughter
Queen II - Funny How Love Is
SHA - In The Lap Of The Gods
ANATO - Seaside Rendezvous
ADATR - I love all songs !
News Of The World - Who Needs You
Jazz - Dreamer's Ball
The Game - Play The Game
Flash Gordon - hmm, Marriage Of Dale And Ming ?
Hot Space - Cool Cat / Body Language
The Works - It's A Hard Life
A Kind Of Magic - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
The Miracle - My Baby Does Me
Innuendo - The Hitman
Made In Heaven - You Don't Fool Me
B-sides - A Human Body
Queen + - We Are The Champions (with Robbie)
46664 Project - I like all four songs, but if I must to write one - I decided to vote for 'Amandla'

http://www.invinciblequeen.prv.pl - my Queen website

alibat Posted on 31.01.2005 10:52:23  
Staying power. I really don't like Hot Space much, some of its okay but it's got to be their worst album (Flash doesn't count as a real album). I was horrified when this album came out. I thought it would be the end of Queen as I knew them. I also don't like Rain must Fall. It sounds like something else but I can't think what. Can anyone help me out here?

Mr.Scully Posted on 31.01.2005 11:48:33  
Everybody who hates Seaside Rendezvous obviously hasn't heard the amazing DVD-audio version yet :-)

Freddie F Posted on 31.01.2005 17:58:53  
From their whole work: Body Language, absolute crap, the song that never should have been issued on a Queen album, let not say on a single!

gameshowfan76 Posted on 01.02.2005 22:10:20  
ok Freddie+F i have to argue, SURELY you have to have a worse song in mind than body language! Hell it hit #11 here in the states.

As for other songs, yes me hating Dreamers ball and In only 7 days for example is a personal preference.

But COOL CAT is by long and by far the worst piece of tripe in the catalogue. Even worse than some of the flash soundtrack.

Cool Cat is almost as bad as EVERYTHING done by the Darkness


hangman83 Posted on 02.02.2005 15:19:01  
The worst Queen-track in my opinion is Ming's Theme(In the court of Ming the Mercyless). The orchestral parts and the "Death to Ming" always freak me out. As far as b-sides ar corcerned, I would say that "A Dozen Red Roses...." is probably the worst they ever did. There might be more Queensongs of which I'm not particularly fond, but not that much that I would want them to see them dropped from the album.

I must say that I like Body Language, in fact. It's not very deep, but it is a bit of a kinky song. The first six songs +Calling All Girls are the best on Hot Space. The Flash Gordon album is also quite good, as long as you don't regard as a fully fletched Queen-album , but as a filmsoundtrack.

Freddie F Posted on 03.02.2005 14:52:31  
Queen - Seven Seas Of Rhye, but only because of its embryonic shape
Queen II - Loser In The End (pales in comparison with Freddie & Brian's material)
Sheer Heart Attack - Lily Of The Valley
A Night At The Opera - not a weak song on this album!
A Day At The Races - Teo Torriatte
News Of The World - Fight From The Inside
Jazz - Fun It (pale disco attempt, cf. Miss You from the Stones)
The Game - Sail Away, Sweet Sister
Flash Gordon - Football Fight, but I don't hear that album very often, to be honest and Hangman83 is right: it's more a filmsoundtrack than an album
Hot Space - Body Language (already said)
The Works - I Want To Break Free (really too commercial)
A Kind Of Magic - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (Freddie's falsetto, the lyrics...)
The Miracle - Rain Must Fall (dumb, really dumb, musically and lyrically)
Innuendo - well, Delilah is not that bad, for me; I don't really like All God's People, but the rest of the album is almost perfect - and it's because it's not a perfect album that I like it better than A Night At The Opera
Made In Heaven - quite hard to judge, since the songs are leftovers, outtakes or re-arranged solo tracks... I would say A Winter's Tale: sorry to Freddie's memory, but its last song ever was really weak
You can notice that Roger is the one who has the most songs in this list, but he also made really great ones: A Kind Of Magic, Ride The Wild Wind, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, Breakthru... He needed time to become a really good songwriter, for me, but it was worth it.

jaxpfc Posted on 28.02.2005 14:47:20  
Queen - Jesus
Queen II - Funny How Love Is
SHA - Bring back that Leroy Brown
ANATO - Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
ADATR - Long Away
News of the World - None
Jazz - Leaving Home aint Easy
The Game - Coming Soon
Hot Space - Body Language
The Works - Man on the Prowl
A Kind of Magic - Dont Lose Your Head
The Miracle - My Baby does me
Innuendo - All Gods People
Made in Heaven - None

tigerskin Posted on 28.02.2005 19:08:26  
Hm...for some reasons The Miracle is the worst Queen album for me.
"My Baby does me" and "Invisible Man".. i really dont like them.
Hot Space was not their best album but also not the worst.It was different. But hey the Miracle has one of my top Queen songs. "Was it all worth is"!!

hangman83 Posted on 01.03.2005 15:41:46  
I would like to know why so many peolpe dislike Body Language? Is it just because the song is about sex, or is it because it is almost all synthetic music?

By the way, I'm not saying that you should like the song, I just want to know why so many of you don't.

Mr.Scully Posted on 02.03.2005 10:17:41  
I like songs about sex :) But this is really a "synthetic" song - where are some nice harmonies, guitar solo etc.?

mexiqueque Posted on 05.03.2005 03:09:32  
Probably the worst Queen song ever is My melancholy blues...I never listen to it...

Rickie Posted on 03.04.2005 20:49:48  
"Probably the worst Queen song ever is My melancholy blues...I never listen to it..."

My Melancholy Blues is simply beautiful. One of Freddie's best. The Houston version is outstanding! I'm not fond of Sleeping On The Sidewalk, lots of mistakes are in the song. Love Roger's drumming actually.

Mr Fred Posted on 23.04.2005 16:47:41  
It must be Body language. but I'm aint a fan of SWAFIB either. But to you guys who says that Sweet lady is bad, listen to it on live gigs. It is such a great song there. Believe me, de difference is very big, there's more power in it live. and My melancholy blues is such a wonderful song. and she makes me is probobly not the best they've done, but listen to it more then once, and you will see. that's the fact with many of the so called bad songs. Listen to them more then once and a lot of them will be better, but not Body language. maybe that song is a little cooler live, but..

Freddie F Posted on 24.04.2005 11:57:59  
I have nothing against sex songs, I even think they are the best songs ever ("Je T'aime.. Moi Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg!), but Body Language is too synthetic and the lyrics are simply stupid. A big joke, like "Mustapha", which has mistakently been issued as a single A-side. Hey, why should I care about the fact it's been n11 in US charts? There are so many great Queen songs which charted poorly there... Record sales have never been the ultimate evidence of a song's quality!

almeru Posted on 25.04.2005 11:27:40  
Hey, I like BODY LANGUAGE! It make me laugh each time I listen to it...It's funny, and it makes me think on my dear Freddie having fun. So, I like it

Katy101 Posted on 25.04.2005 18:01:49  
My least favorite Queen song has to be Mustapha. This is a song that i just can`t listen to....in the rest everyting from them is good..if not great....

pka50f2 Posted on 01.05.2005 23:01:22  
Mad the swine !

zildjian Posted on 04.05.2005 00:21:04  
Q: Jesus or SSOR (pointless)
Q2: White Queen is normaly a skipper
SHA: She makes me......yawn!!....
ANATO: Your my best freind or Love of my life
ADATR: None - love it!!
NOTW: As above!
Jazz: Again - love it. The first album I bought.
Killers: Death on two legs is to quick & slapdash.
The Game: Dust - horrible dry drum sound.
Flash: Don't know. I think the last time i heard it was 10-15 years ago.
Hot Space: Body Language.
The Works: Is this the world we created....yawn..zzzzz!
AKOM: Freinds will be friends.
The Miracle: Khashoggi shi*!
Innuendo: Delilah - I know it's a bit of a laugh, but it's a load of crap!!
Made In Heaven: Only like one song & thats Heaven for everyone. I felt a little cheated when I first heard the album, because some of the songs are ones from old dug up from ages ago & revamped & I found the others quite weak (musicly, not lyricly!) I like HFE because I think its a well thought out song from Roger & one of Freddies finest bit of singing ever!!
There, thats my moan over & done with, don't be to hard on me - i'm new you see!!

dennis Posted on 04.05.2005 21:29:07  
euhm dunno really.
Love em all

Galileo Figaro Posted on 16.05.2005 01:02:20  
The worst Queen song I'd have to say is Machines (or back to humans). It just isnt really that good but the rest of The Works is excellent especially Hammer to Fall (one of my favourite Queen songs) has the longer solo on it, why they cut the solo for Greatest Hits 2 i dont know.

Queen Rock Posted on 09.01.2007 22:59:18  
if i really had to choose it would be mad the swine! i just cant listen to it,

queen123 Posted on 10.01.2007 12:45:01  
Here's my selection:

Queen: The Night Comes Down, (apart from that the album is great!)

Queen 2: None!, My favourite album, Father To Son is awsome!

Sheer Heart Attack: Stone Cold Crazy, She Makes Me

ANATO: Great album, one of the best, but i do skip Good Company

ADATR: Another great album, worthy follow up to ANATO, but i don't listen to You and I, sounds a bit cheesy!


Jazz: Don't Stop Me Now, I'm with Brian on this one!! Good song played to much!!!

The Games: Dragon Attack, good bass, nothing much else to say bout it

Flash: Most of it!!!! (apart from The Hero, good loud song!!

Hot Space: I quite like this album actually, not my favourite though!! I do skip Bach Chat (can't stand it!) and Cool Cat

The Works: Queen back at their best!

AKOM: Pain Is So Close To Pleasure


The Miracle: Wounderful album, apart from Rain Must Fall, My Baby Does Me, and the silly "Invisable Man" 12" version at the end!!!

Innuendo: Couldn't of ended a career a better way, but Delilah is a must skip!!!

Made In Heaven: Not anything really, good album!!

David Jones Posted on 10.01.2007 20:32:58  
Sorry, I now take back All Dead All Dead.

Omnieiunium Posted on 11.04.2007 08:59:14  
Queen: The Night Comes Down is something I normally skip if I'm not in the mood.

Queen II: The Loser in the End. I tend to hum the lyrics, but something about the recording I just don't like.

Sheer Heart Attack: Nothing here that I don't like, but sometimes She Makes Me is skipped.

A Night at the Opera: God Save the Queen. I skip the album and listen to the live version. Flawless album otherwise.

A Day at the Races: Drowse and Long Away. I actually had to listen to Long Away a couple times as I cannot remember ever having listened to it before. It might grow on me in time.

News of the World: Nothing here that I really dislike or would skip.

Jazz: Fun It. Something about Rodger's singing I just can't stand.

The Game: I like a lot of it. Nothing really skipped.

Flash: Only listen to the theme song, don't listen to anything else.

Hot Space: This album has really grown on me and I enjoy each song. Okay, maybe not Body Language. I'm not a big fan of it.

The Works: Nothing on here I would skip. I've recently become a big fan of Back to Humans

A Kind of Magic: Pain is So Close to Pleasure normally warrants a skip for me.

The Miracle: I have been addicted to Rain Must Fall lately. Maybe My Baby Does Me will get skipped if I'm not in the mood. Oh how could I forget Chinese Water Torture. Never been a fan of it.

Innuendo: Probably my least favourite album and I normally skip a lot of it. I normally skip Innuendo, I'm Going Slightly Mad, Headlong, and The Hitman. I've listened to these songs a lot, but just can't enjoy them enough.

Made in Heaven: Enjoy a lot of it. With very little I skip. It's probably the album I play the absolute least though.

-White- Posted on 16.04.2007 16:09:47  

There's only one Queen song which I can't listen, and it's Mustapha. Just dunno. It's irritating me.
And, I have to say that Hot Space isn't the biggest favourite record of mine. But Back Chat on the "Live at the Bowl" is a really nice one!

TumbleBumble Posted on 18.10.2009 12:52:01  
Queen - The Night Comes Down here is the one song I can't stand
Queen II - Some Day One Day and Loser In The End
Sheer Heart Attack - Perfect album! Maybe just one song - She Makes Me
A Night At The Opera - Same as SHA, maybe just one song - Sweet Lady
A Day At The Races - Drowse, of course :)
News Of The World - here I have to say Who Needs You
Jazz - In Only 7 Days and Leaving Home Ain't Easy
The Game - One of their best albums! But the song I skip every time is Coming Soon
Flash Gordon - most of the "songs"
Hot Space - very good album too! I skip Back Chat & Body Language, not because I hate them, it's of too much listening, and they got boring to me
The Works - SUPERb! maybe Machines
A Kind Of Magic - Don't Lose Your Head and Gimme The Prize
The Miracle - Was It All Worth It...
Innuendo - Ride The Wild Wind, All God's People, The Hitman
Made In Heaven - My Life Has Been Safed, I Was Born To love You and the 3 last songs

obsessed Posted on 15.01.2012 16:11:26  
OhMyGosh i'm horrified- a lot of people's worst favorite are like my favorites! Anyways.. hmmm. Maybe I could skip some songs from the later years- like on the miracle especially. Maybe put out the fire, a winter's tale, or these are the days of our lives. I don't know why- theyr'e just slow and more boring than the rest, It's Queen though so it's not like i HATE them

akanawha Posted on 12.07.2012 07:23:44  
Don't worry obsessed about your favorites not being others favorites. That is what makes Queen the immortal band they are. All of their songs are good to great and hold special appeal to some. If I have to choose a song I don't really like out of them all it is Mad The Swine. Can't really think of any others that I just don't like.

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