Brian May in Brisbane, Australia on 28.11.1998 (written by Paul Bryant)

For myself and my wife going to see Brian also involved us having to get ourselves from New Zealand to Australia - which means a lot of retail therapy prior to the concert!!. On the day we arrived at the Alexander Hills and through devious means found out that the band had booked the room next to ours. We sat outside having a very quiet duty free borbon in anticipation that THE MAN himself may show. No such luck, and by the end of the bourbon it was time to go and start queing up. Doors opened at 7.30 pm and Brian came on stage at 11pm ! I don't know what the hold up was with everything but the crowd took it out on the support band. Brian came out in his Conway disguise and was only millimetres from us lucky ones up the front. After 22yrs of idolising Queen but never having the opportunity to see them this was truly more than you could have ever dreamt of - Brian May only an arm reach away !! His show was everything everyone has said so far. Hammer to fall slow was awesome and when followed by the fast version - even better. After the show about 40 -50 fans milled around back stage waiting for the man himself. About an hour elapsed and when everyone had had enough of some hired gorilla security guard thinking he was head of security for the head of security the band slowly started coming out.

Signatures and photos were the order of the day and all were obliging. I must say at this point that I was very impressed with Eric Singer. His gentle and calm manner was great. Not what you'd expect from a flame twirling topless sweaty drummer!! Finally Brian came out and although we were led to believe he wasn't going to stop for us he most certainly did. I'm sure nobody would have missed out on getting something signed, and of course its true what everyone says about him - he is a kind person. After much shaking of hands and Trip advising Jamie in no uncertain terms to get his body into the van the band dissappeared.

For us it was the greatest thing we had done in a long time - but most of all after all these years I not only got to see Brian - I got to meet him (for about 15 seconds!).