Brian May in Newcastle, Australia on 26.11.1998 (written by Libby)

The concert, musically, wasn't all that different from what I had already read on the 'Webumentary' so I will just give you some details of the 'highlights' of the Newcastle gig.

I arrived 2 hours early and got to hear Brian rehearsing China Belle and the lead break from Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a 'stand up' gig - there were around 700 people there (the capacity of Newcastle Workers is around 2000) so there was lots of room and everyone got really good viewing positions. I got middle front which was unbelievable. I was only only a few metres from Brian most of the night!!

Brian mentioned that it was his first time in Newcastle. He said his 'old band' didn't get up here. The tables right up the back of the room were pretty full at the start of the night. Brian had a joke with the people sitting up there, inviting them all down to join us near the stage.

It was Susie's 22nd birthday and they celebrated it by bringing out two fireman and a guy in g-strings with a cake!

Brian dropped a few of his six pence picks throughout the night. He threw a couple into the audience which created havoc. Everyone wanted it of course. One got lost on the floor somewhere and people started dropping 5 cent coins to create more confusion. I really wanted one for my boyfriend Paul who was with me, since he plays guitar. I was one of the lucky ones...yipeee... a roadie found one on the stage at the end and gave it to me!!!!!!

There were about 20 people waiting out the back for a chance to meet Brian after the concert. We all got to meet him and get autographs. He was so so nice and seemed genuinely happy to hear our praise and autograph our programs, cds etc.

Now for the biggest highlight... (well, for me it was anyway!)... I got a kiss and a BIG hug from Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That certainly topped off the MOST FANTASTIC CONCERT EVER!