Brian May in Prague, Czech Republic on 22.10.1998 (written by Richard Pokorny)

Standing in front of the hall we could hear Brian's tuning the guitars and playing part of No-One But You.

The guest group was called Burma Jones (Czech Republic) but it wasn't succesful at all. They left after few songs. Brian came then and the show started: the beginning: Only Make Believe, Space, Since You've Been Gone, China Belle...

The setlist was almost the same as always. But I don't remember it exactly. Then came the bass solo, which didn't seem so good as I expected.

The highlights of the show was I Want It All (but Brian didn't play much on guitar), great The Show Must Go On (he allowed the crowd to sing alone, and he also allowed one man to sing into the mic). He also played Love Of My Life which was really exciting.

He also told us little story about his new accoustic guitar, which was meant like a joke. ("I just tell you story about that guitar: I came to the guitar shop and I played on it in the shop. It sounded like this"- and played few notes in acoustic version. "Then I came home and it sounded like this" - and played also few notes but in very hard electric version with some really heavy effects).

The Queen part of the concert was great. He also add a '39 beginning before On My Way Up song. The show came on. Brian spoke few sentences in Czech language ("Good evening", "how are you" .......) but mostly spoke in English. He was always in the touch with audience, so it was great. He often came really close to people but didn't want to be touched at all. The Czech people gave him some paper with some messages. (I could read one of them: "PLEASE GIVE ME A PICK" - I couldn't believe, so stupid. After brilliant guitar extravagance, came Tie Your Mother Down (Brian's voice wasn't loud enough!) and We Will Rock You (the girls sang the "We will rock you" so we couldn't hear the crowd singing). Then came All The Way From Memphis and little break. Then Another World, in front of curtain with the old tree on it (we have noticed that there was a sillouette of a girl on the right edge of the tree). And after next little break came No-One But You and the show finished. Brian seemed to be very tired at the end of the show. He also was little dissapointed by the papers given to him, he said something like: I don't want to sign papers, I just want to sing!!! (it was before Another world song).

The concert was really really great, and audience was very loud, and often screaming "Brian, Brian".