Brian May in Zürich, Switzerland on 19.10.1998 (written by Mikhail B.)

The show started at 20:30, it was sold out (or almost). Brian seemed to be in a good mood and I didn't noticed any voice problem. The show was great - the audience quite enthusiastic, it was fun. It was also the birthday of one of the Brian's backing-singers (Susie), so the band presented a big birthday cake to her and all the audience was singing "happy birthday" ;).

After the show Brian was giving autographs - there were quite alot of fans and I think he didn't forget anybody as he spent at least 15 minutes doing this. Anyway he seemed to be in a great mood/form and it was a great night.

Brian May in Zürich, Switzerland on 19.10.1998 (written by Monika)

In Zurich it was really great, Brian seemed to feel better, the audience was very good and we really had a great time. Lots of people wondered who was the guest in the beginning of the show, but for freaks it was clear, who it was. The band was doing very good and I could feel that the are really friends and this means a lot for me. Brian was as nice as usual and if I were not married since more than 25 years I could start to have a new image of men. I'm flying to London tomorrow and I hope to see a very big show at the Royal Albert Hall and to meet a lot of nice people.