Brian May in Linz, Austria on 13.10.1998 (written by Livia)

From the point of business it would have been no big loss if that show would have been cancelled (and Brian and the band would have got a day off to recover a bit). The quite small but also quite famous venue, Posthof, was not even half sold out in advance and though quite some people bought their ticket at the abendkasse the room was maybe half full only. Support band was Clouds Over Chrysler, not even known by most Austrians, and judging from that concert I don't think they deserve to be famous.

As for the concert itself the crowd was among the most boring of the entire tour. A few youngsters behaved rather like hooligans, jumped on the backs of the first row and shouted enough for 20 and maybe this put the rest of the crowd off. Anyway, not only the seated listeners but also everyone but maybe the first five rows was pretty silent. And that although musically the concert was among the best I've heard. Especially Last Horizon this time Brian played simply perfectly and fantastically! (Even Mr Perfect himself seemed satisfied with it.)

Changed in the setlist was the acoustic part again. Once more Brian joked about the semi-acoustic guitar, 'wondering' why it gives electric noises ('An acoustic guitar shouldn't do this.') This time Love Of My Life was followed by On My Way Up and a combination of '39/Driven By You. When people shouted for '39, Brian grumbled something about the 'bloody internet'. [:-)]

Again only the first set of encores with Another World and All The Way From Memphis finished the show and sad I left my last concert for more than 10 days. See you in London, Mr. May.