Brian May in Budapest, Hungary on 12.10.1998 (written by Livia)

One of the biggest venues on the tour and three quarters sold out. Petöfi Czarnok is a very beautiful place anyway. The soundcheck was reserved for the winners of the fan club competition as always, but for true Hungarian fans Brian did a little extra: Every member of the Hungarian fan club who could make it to Budapest met him! While the crowd was waiting patiently for Brian Jamie and Eric just put their heads through the door and nearly were take aback by the cheering bunch. Finally, it was already 7 p.m. and time for opening the front door, Brian came and - being Brian - still took his time for the fans. He signed one piece to everyone which meant in about 90 signatures in not quite an hour, shook hands to everyone and changed a few words (You can't hurry that man, can you?). Of course, none of us made it for the frontrow this time, but who cares if he/she gets a signature instead.

The show itself was brilliant as always and the crowd cheered a lot especially at the old Queen stuff getting all the clapping and jumping right.

Obviously less well known to the audience were the songs from the new album. In fact, I wondered if it hasn't been released in Hungary as only the first rows went with songs like China Bell or All The Way From Memphis. New in the setlist was '39/Let Your Heart Rule Your Head after Driven By You and the introduction of the band at the very end of the show. And again the crowd got only the first set of encores, but not No-one But You and Slow Down.

Mr. May still fought problems with the voice and looked pretty tired and exhausted that evening, but still obviously has set his mind to avoid disappointment for his fans and do *every* show.

Oh, I forgot to mention the support band "Üllö, uti faik" which in my eyes was not really bad and kind of heavy metal with hungarian lyrics.

Brian May in Budapest, Hungary on 12.10.1998 (written by Aniko Kapornaki)

I read the review (Livia's ) of Brian's Budapest gig here, but since my experience was so different, I'd like to share it with you.

He was fantastic even though he was probably suffering from the flu that caused him to cancel a few gigs lately.

We have waited for 5 years to see him again. Judging from the "Back to the Light" T-shirts that many fans wore, most of us had been there 5 years ago as well.

The audience was much better than I had expected. We went crazy even before the concert started: when the guitars were tuned and we heard the sound of his RED SPECIAL. That sound is like one from heaven: distinctive, pure, magical.

Brian dedicated Hard Business to Cozy and in return the crowd started to shout Cozy, Cozy, Cozy - that response touched Brian.

The atmosphere stayed the same throughout the concert. I stood very close to the stage and even though the crowd wasn't too big, the noise was immense. Whenever Brian stopped for a moment, 'Brian, Brian' chanting started.

Brian's response to our effort was speaking to us in Hungarian. He was very good at it. (What else can you expect from him?)When he started to perform Love of my Life he didn't even have to sing:the crowd knew every single word of it. The atmosphere can be best summarized by the sentence uttered by a fan standing next to me. When 'Love of my Life' was over, that guy said: "I can die now, I fullfilled the dream of my life." - Hungarians love Brian SO much. Contrary to what Livia wrote, we KNEW the songs from the new album. (It was released in Hungary 3 months ago.)

What touched me most was the feeling that the crowd came to see Him, not (only as) the famous Queen guitarist, but to see Brian May: the "solo" musician and lead singer of the Brian May Band.

By the way, Eric Singer's Resurrection drum-solo shocked the crowd. Those who saw Cozy knew that Eric had to show something special as well, but the way he "played" with the "burning" sticks was world-class. Brian promised to come back to us: We will be here for him, we can promise that.