Brian May in Vienna, Austria on 10.10.1998 (written by Livia Rohrmoser)

I admit, I am biased. This is my beloved hometown and Rockhaus is a pretty old and pretty famous place for rock concerts over here. So I expected it to be good.

The support band, Blind Petition, is a quite well known heavy metal band in Vienna. They are on stage since ages (more than 20 years) and were among the best support bands of this tour, though their young singer seemed a bit nervous.

There were rumours that Brian's show would be cancelled and those turned out to be nonsense. It was sold out (well, it's only about 1,000 people capacity) and filled to the brim. Maybe there was a thought about cancelling as Brian's problems with his voice are growing again and rumours have it that he was to see a specialist doctor on the day. He sounded a bit hoarse in the beginning of the concert and at the end and once left the lead vocals to the background singers as his voice seemed to give up. The entire room was very hot and the air was thick with sweat and smoke (as this is a typical rock venue lot of people smoked during the entire concert). And once again Mr. Perfect was also not satisfied with his guitar playing, probably distracted by the sore throat.

Another problem is that Viennese audience traditionally is not easy to satisfy. You have to win them. So, during the first third of the concert the mood was full of expectation but people did not go with it all too much. But as always Brian managed to catch the crowd and soon the room was filled with clapping hands and cheering which grew the longer the concert endured.

Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher both attended the concert, but it was not filmed, as I've heard before. Other people told only Offenbach concert would be filmed and though once again rumours are spread that there will be an official video and CD it's not confirmed yet.

Keep your fingers crossed that Brian's voice and general health will get better and once again I have to say that the entire band definitely is worth the money for the show.