Brian May in Munich, Germany on 08.10.1998 (written by Livia Rohrmoser)

Circus Krone in Munich simply is a beautiful venue, though there are seats in the backrows (and I had no chance to see if people there got up or not).

The support band this time was Bonfire, a pure hardrock band, pretty well known in Germany, and for the first time a support band on this tour managed to get the crowd to get a bit into the mood. They did it mostly by stating how proud they were when Brian asked them to support him and that there was no-one in Rock business who wasn't influenced by Brian May and/or Queen.

Still, people wanted to see Brian!

The setlist was the same as in Stuttgart, though once again the second set of encores were left out. The reason for this is not quite obvious to me (maybe our Mr. Perfect was again not too happy with himself - he shook his head in his typical way several times during guitar solos, maybe it was because once again he strained his voice a bit too much [wasn't that Freddie's problem, too?] also due to the fact that the fan that was set up to cool Brian during the concert did not work and he must have suffered terribly in the heat of the lights.)

Anyway, the longer the concert went, the more the crowd cheered and clapped and jumped. Brian said, 'You might know that I lived in Munich for a long time, so it feels like coming home a bit.' A reference to Munich that again managed to excite the audience. Neil once again delivered a wonderful solo and so did Eric. It's really most interesting to see how different the audiences are in the various places and it's absolutely worth seeing more than one concert as none is the same as the others.

One new thing since Stuttgart is that Brian lets the crowd sing 'The Show Must Go On' and even hand the mic to one or the other in the audience. In Stuttgart it was that odd Freddie-double (who sang most terribly, by the way), in Munich it was dear Erin, who was over the moon as it was her last concert before she had to fly back to South Carolina and there she was allowed to sing a line of her favourite song into Brian's mic! Can you imagine how she felt? She was about to cry - but still managed to sing pretty well.

So, people: Try to get to the front row. It's worth it!