Brian May in Stockholm, Sweden on 28.09.1998 (written by Magnus Krantz)

Before the consert me and Stas met up with a coupple of fans (Iīm still tired, but there was at least Stefan Krantz (aka Flash), Innuendo, Brian May, and some more) before we went to the Circus. When we got there we meet some other fans, that had waited there for several hours, and they told us that we had missed Brian with about ten minutes, and they showed us their signed items.

Anyway, we went in to buy some merchandise (I didnīt have any norwegian money in Oslo), and then the rest of the band arived. They was in quite a hurry for the sound-check, but I managed to get Spikes autograph on his picture in the tour programe.

Then we went to stand in line at the doors to the main hall, and through the doors we could hear the sound check, cool!!! During the soundcheck they kept playing bits of the Abba-song "Dancing Queen", first we thought it was a tape, but it sounded like the Red Special, so we decided that they was just playing around.

At about 07:30 they opened the doors so we got into a coridor running round the main hall, and with a coupple of doors leading in to the main hall. We ran to the one farest away (closest to the stage), and there we had to wait for some time more before they opened those doors. This time

I got a much better place than in Oslo, just to the right of the small stage going out from the big one. The stage in Circus was much bigger than the one in Rockefeller, and the curtain wasnīt up when we gort in.

We had to wait for about one hour, when they played the same tape as in Oslo, and then the curtain was lowered from above, the tape stoped and the drumming began. You know the rest!

After "Another World", when the backing singers wasnīt on stage, Brian said he had a special suprise for us, and the backing singers came out, now changed from the black outfit they had during the consert to all white. Then they played "Dancing Queen". I sure hope someone made a bootleg of this concert!!!

The shows in Oslo and Stockholm was very much the same, with a few differences: The curtain was rolled up in Stockholm, not dropped as in Oslo.Eric Singer didnīt use drumsticks on fire in Stockholm.Spikes, Neils and Brians solos was better in Stockholm, imho.They played "Dancing Queen" in Stockholm.

After the Stockholm consert we waited outside to get autographs, but this time many more was there then in Oslo. About one hour after the consert they came out, and Brian got surrounded by fans. He looked really glad for the attention, and was really nice, chating, shaking hands and taking pictures. This time I got my WDWTA-CDsingle signed with a gold-pen (that unfortunally smeared out when I put it with my other CD in my bag) and my TMLWKY-promo CD signed with ink. I also got a picture taken with him, but he was in a hurry so he was signing stuff at the same time, not puting his arm around me as he had done earlier with others. I told him that I had been to the Oslo concert too, driving all night to get here in time, but he didnīt seem to recognice me, he just said "Oh really!" and went on signing. Stas managed to get autographs from all the band exept that backing singers.

OK, too tired to write more now, that will have to do.

Brian May in Stockholm, Sweden on 28.09.1998 (written by Micke)

We arrived pretty late, just in time for the show to start but as always these things are delayed so we had to wait in our seats for 30 min before the show started. The Cirkus arena is perfect for a gig like this, just big enough for this kind of crowd and specially made for concerts with a big cupol ceiling giving a very good sound.

It was annonced that there should be a support act, but there were no info given about who it was. We noticed that the only drum kit on stage was Erics so we guessed that the support act was off due to that drummers normally doesnīt allow others to use their drums..

And right we were. Suddenly the lights dim, a voice announced that Brian was late but his cousin from Tennesse, Mr Twitty Conway, was going to entertain us in the mean time. Well Twitty came on stage (if you donīt know, this is Brian in a 50s styled outfit with wig and everything) and started to sing Itīs Only Make Believe. This was quite funny, he really got into this part and connected with the audience immediatly. After the song he spoke with the audience and said that Brian was still late but he would keep us entertained for the next HOUR! The crowd laughed and the atmosphere was just perfect. He announced the next song as Come On and dissapered just for a second behind a screen, a switch was made but most people did not noticed, now another man was dancing to Come On looking exactly as Brian when Brian was changing clothes behind the scene. Suddenly Twitty (with his back to the audience) announced MR BRIAN MAY! The light on the curtain changed and revieled the tree from AW cover with Brian in the bent over position, standing like that he performed Space.

The curtain rised and the light came on as the band moved into Since You've Been Gone, that really send a shiver through me, what a feeling!

After Brian had dedicated SYBG to Cozy he proceded with Business (with a dedication to Bill Clinton), now the Cirkus really rocked...

Spike Edney performed his synth solo after that. I felt that this could be left out, it did not really belong with all the other stuff. Chinese Torture leading into China Belle was great.

After this he asked the audience what we wanted to hear, imagine everybody screaming out just about everything Queen ever recorded.... He got the message and said that they going to do some old stuff (yeeeahh from the audience) and Fat Bottomed Girls started. I think this was the peak of the night, this song really rocked and the girls did a really good effect to the sound. They moved into I Want It All with that damn good solo in the end, then Headlong, Tear It Up and The Show Must Go On ended that Queen part. Now we felt like we really where in heaven....

Last Horizon was next, beautifully played by Brian as he was standing on a pier out from the scene into the crowd (he used that a lot to get closer to the crowd).

Then Brian asked if we wanted to sing (what a question...) he was handed a acoustic guitar and started to play Love Of My Life, the crowd sang along the whole song but Brian never stoped singing and let the crowd take over, that was a little dissapointment....

The rest of the band joined and chairs was brought up for everyone on stage, the acoustic/ballad part started.

First with Driven By You, an acoustic version I never heard before, really different and quite nice, then On My Way Up still acoustic, after that Hammer To Fall as a ballad (not acoustic) really different from the original that he then moved into.

Again he was left alone on the stage, connected all the effect boxes and played the solo from Brighton Rock, this has always been a top treat live... how does he do it?

Ressurection was next and the arena really rocked again, Eric ended it with his drum solo which was very good, in my oppinion better than Cozys (I probably get flamed for that, but I really think so). The band left the stage and we were all clapping and screaming to get them in again.... well as always, you know.

Brian and Jamie entered the scen and thanked us for our support and stuff like that, the he said - You have no idea what to expect - the crowed screamed that they knowed, (rumours from the earlier shows on the tour have reached most people and the encore have been the same every show) , Brian said - No, I really think you donīt know, but first I like to take you to Another World - and he started to sing AW with just Spike on piano and Jamie on acoustic guitar.

After the song he said - We are in Sweden, right? - (the crowd went riiight!) - We are in Stockholm, right? - (yeeaaah!) and the band started to play Dancing Queen, the old Abba song!

The girls came onto the scen in their Abba costumes (they both perform in the Abba cover band Fabba and before Bjorn Again) and took over the show singin and dancing, Brian just stepped back a bit and played his guitar with a big smile on his face, it was clear the he really enjoyed this....

It was really funny to see all these hard rock / heavy metal rockers playing a song like this, it was totally unexpected and the crowed just went nuts!

After that they continued with We Will Rock You with the traditional clapping and Tie Your Mother Down before finishing the show with All The Way From Memphis.

The band thank the audience for the support and we all cheered and screamed, and it was all over. Brian ended with saying that I had been too long since last time in Sweden but that he would soon be back again, I hope he means it.