Brian May in Oslo, Norway on 27.09.1998 (written by Robert Haugen)

The concert starts with the message that Brian wont be able to come, so instead another legend will entertain. This is of course Brian May dressed up as Twitty Conway. After It's Only Make Believe "conway" leaves the stage, and then returns. And at the same time you can see Brian May in the "Another World pose" through the curtains (how can this be?;) And the song Space starts. And erupts into Business. This song realy wakes up the audience. More so does his Queen medley, which seems to be a real favourite amongst the audience. The choice of songs is almost perfect. Although I would have loved to hear "No-one But You" in the concert. But i guess they forgot to do this one. At one point (during Tie Your Mother Down) its almost impossible to hear Brian singing because the instruments are VERY loud (but then again this might also be an result of standing 1 meter away from the loudspeakers that burst my eardrums) but all in all this was a great concert. Even though Brian couldn't remember if he had been to Norway before. After the concert everyone was invited to a nachspiel in another part of the building. The only problem was, they had NO cd's with anything Queen related. So it was no big success. About an hour after the concert about 30 fans had gathered at the back entrance of the building to catch Brian as he left. And he came out and signed autographs for everyone (some even got several) and took good time for talking to people. All in all it was an great experience. And I'm sure everyone that were there would wish him to come back.