Brian May in Paris, France on 22.09.1998 (written by Andy Fitzgerald)

Brian May came to "La Cigale" on Tuesday 22nd September.

Another World was for the taking - and a lot of water rocked under the bridge! (see tour programme, Ha!).

The show opened with Mr Conway and an emotion-charging rendition of "Dance With The Devil" (Cozy RIP - Rocks into Paradise).

I can't start without mentioning my position - right down at the front propping up a 'pier' coming out from the stage. Being of the left of it proved to be the ideal position to have the best view in the house of Brian's fingers in action. Actually, his fingers don't seem to move that quickly... he's just got such incredible technique!

The lighting was simple, but effective, and the circular arrangement of the spots gave a kind of "works" look to the stage.

But it was Business time! Sustain was the game: Chinese Torture led into China Belle, and the "spot the riff" Queen Medley. Susie and Zoe came out onto the pier and got real close to us. They pleased the girlie-gazers with that surprise treat!

If our eardrums were taking a good workout, the vocal chords in "La Cigale" were also intent on competing with Brian's guitar strings. My favourite throat burners were I Want It All, The Show Must Go On, and "this one's for Freddie" Love Of My Life!

Up until then the security men looking at the crowd were so straight-faced, you would have thought France had *lost* the World Cup (!) but as soon as Brian strutted out front with his Brighton Rock solo... I saw one of them smile... really!

Well, if you like solos, you are in for a treat... Eric Singer could probably do a whole concert with just his drum kit! Not only was his solo amazingly skilful, but the performance was oozing with originality and his personality. Neil Murray, gave his own "Titanic" sounding solo... a bass solo like this is a rare bijou!

Then came the France "exclusive"... Another World sung in French! The accent was just like a native. I wonder who is giving him French lessons...hmmm... there were a few people at "La Cigale" last night who would like to!

Well, you all know that Spike now looks more like Roger than Roger himself... I think he's borrowed Mr Taylor's shades - they seem to go hand in hand with his new hair! During his intro, Spike signed a heart and crosses for La Ville d'Amour - which Brian described as uncharacteristic of a "shy" Spike!!

All The Way From Memphis, and it was time to finish, but not before Brian invited Jamie to jump out onto the pier to play his stuff surrounded by the extremely enthusiastic (and by now knackered!) crowd. Brian wished everyone goodnight en Francais for sure! He's back in France in just three weeks...see you in Grenoble!