Brian May in Madrid, Spain on 18.09.1998 (written by Eduardo Tejedor)

Hi there! Just to mention a couple of things about Brian last concert in Spain. First of all: it was great great FUN!!! (and a quite good performance). Second: I don't know why, but in Madrid they always ask, first Queen and now Brian, for "Mustapha". And in the Back To The Light concert and in this one he had to sing the intro. (He called us "fucking bastards", how could he?). Third: in the spanish spoken world we all had believed that Brian never understood much Spanish, despite of what he should say. But in Madrid, he said almost everything in Spanish and at one point we started to shout "Brian es cojonudo" which means more or less "Brian is fucking good", and then he says "vosotros si que sois cojonudos" ("you really are cojonudos") which is a quite complicated construction for a non-spanish fellow. AMAZING & GREAT GREAT FUN!!!!! Cheers.