Brian May in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 12.09.1998 (written by Michael VanMaldegiam)

Brian only played about 30 minutes in Chicago to open the AW tour as part of a big mutiple stage thingie that was dubbed "Rockstock". Unfortunately, Brian was relegated to a small third rate stage (no fan seating - standing body to body only) on a hot asphalt parking lot in 90 F + heat with Brian and the band having to stare into the blinding sun. Unfortunately, none of the fans thought to toss sunglasses on stage for Brian and the band to use. The lack of sunglasses did not matter, as Brian and the band kicked ass anyway. Brian and Jamie were particularly excellent for China Belle.

My only regret was having to endure a horrible band called Monster Magnet in order to get near the stage for Brian's concert.

Brian May in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 12.09.1998 (written by Haydee)

I arrived at Rockstock at noon and Brian was scheduled to come on at 4:30 p.m. In the meantime, I met many fans who flew/drove in from other parts of the USA to see his performance. All the Queen fans were very, very nice. All the Queen fans had to put up with hours of shoving, moshing, people crowd surfing, beer throwing, etc. while the other groups performed. It was all worth it! Brian gave an excellent performance and hope to see him again!

On Sunday, we arrived at Guitar Center at 7:00 a.m. and waited 5 long hours under the hot sun to meet him. Later in the morning, the crowd was getting bigger and just before noon, it was estimated that 500 to 600 people showed up to meet him.

Since we were the first in line, we were led in at noon and meeting Brian in person was a wonderful experience! What more can I say.....HE'S A SWEETHEART!!!!