Brian May in Rome, Italy on 05.06.1998 (written by Michele Bertolini)

This is a short story of my great day: I still remember that the concert was played in the morning around 11 AM in this small pub in the center of Rome, a day of hellish summer heat. I arrived in front of the Big Mama well in advance and already found many fans waiting. I think that in Italy a few knew of this show. Brian arrived shortly afterwards and was very nice to us fans outside the pub, he gave us a warm welcome and thanked us for being there. Soon after they made us go in the pub and we all sat down on the floor in front of the stage. Brian went on stage and everyone welcomed him with shouts and applause. He told us that it was the first time playing live with the new band (Steve Ferrone on drums) and we were his first public. What was really nice was that Brian tried to speak as much as possible in Italian mixing same Italian and Spanish words :) After playing he greeted and shook hands with some fans including me!!! I was really excited because it was the first time that I could shake hands with one of my idols!!!