Brian May in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 17.03.1993 (written by KindAMagick)

Well it wasn't "Queen" but it was a piece of it :-)

My first concert was at the Boston Garden March 17th 1993, Brian was opening up for GnR. I wanted to go so badly but I didn't think it was going to happen. My ex woke me up the morning of the concert holding 2 ticket in my face, I started jumping up and down and then it hit me.... what will I wear ?!?!?! I spent the next few hours digging through my closet until I decided on thee perfect outfit.

I didn't care if GnR was going to be there, I was going to see Brian!

When Brian took the stage, they started with songs off of his new CD, many people didn't know the songs and were getting kind of restless. Then he stopped and said "I was in a little band, you may have heard of them, it was a little band called... QUEEN" and the whole place was on its feet yelling with excitement.

Then Brian went into some Queen songs, he also brought out Gary and Nuno from Extreme - it was like having a little piece of the tribute concert right in front of us.

I tell this story a lot and people ask how GnR was... honestly they weren't half the performer that Brian and crew were. The energy turned when GnR took the stage, it wasn't the wonderful happy feeling that it was when Brian was singing... Axel stormed off and there was almost a real problem.

I was so happy, I had been too young to see Queen but at least I got a taste of it. I really hope that this new tour comes to the US... you have fans here too so don't forget us.