Queen in Glasgow, UK on 15.03.1974 (written by Ian)

Me and my mate managed to get signed in by two lovely Dental Sudents. Cheap booze, never went to Uni but this stuff was very cheap. Two support bands, I recall the second was Nutz, great guitarist... did the bit behind the head. Queen had a few issues with the sound and did not get on stage till around 1:00 in the morning, Father to Son end up Fu#@#' a few times but it did start and they were magic. The stage was one foot high. Easy access and this kid did that on stage with his Queen album cover and standing with Brian while he played. The night went fast and they were great. We then left and walked back to Glasgow Central Train station at about 4:00, tried to sleep and then got told that Queen had stayed behind to do autographs, what a band. Got the train home at 7:00 and looked forward to their next tour which I went to. And all because I love Mott the Hoople, saw Queen the year before at the Apollo, loved them since that day.

Queen in Glasgow, UK on 15.03.1974 (written by Colin McQuaid)

For what it's worth I wanted to repeat a story I heard tonight in a bar from DJ in Hamilton (just outside Glasgow, Scotland). He said he saw Queen play in Queen Margaret Union in what he thought was 1972 (seemingly 1974). He was a DJ in the downstairs bar and somebody he knew told him to drop what he was doing because he just HAD to see the lead singer of the band who were playing upstairs who happened to be Queen. The lead singer was apparently "mental" in a good way, as in amazing. The room was packed beyond belief and he remembers they played Seven Seas of Rhye or something that sounded like it anyway. Best of all he has the ticket stub from the gig as he has saved every stub from every gig he has ever been to which includes early Bowie gigs etc. Thats all I've got - I only struck up a casual/brief chat after requesting he play Queen before I left the bat to get a curry. But I was well chuffed to meet someone who saw Queen before they became huge. Come to think of it though I did get to know someone who knew Mike Bersin really well and I felt good just having that tenuous link.