Queen in Slane, County Meath, Ireland on 05.07.1986 (written by Gary aka hoops)

Travelled down the day before as we had booked into a B&B in Slane village for the weekend. Had a great night out in the pub with some likeminded Queen people and they served the black stuff way way way too late as we were singing our heads off as usual - have a very vivid memory of one guy standing on a table full of glasses and singing Break Free for all he was worth. Woke up the next day the worse for wear - the village was filling up fast and we made our way to the site - was up on the hill near the castle. Watching the helicopters come in and the people like ants wandering around the changing rooms backstage. Great show! From where I was the crowd was enormous and singing every song - the only bummer I remember about it was it was way bright and there was no lightshow as such. And you could see the river Boyne behind the stage - a great setting for a gig.