Queen in Zürich, Switzerland on 02.07.1986 (written by Matthias Roth)

I'll never forget my first rock concert I've ever been! It was the 2nd of July 1986 and QUEEN were on their 'A kind of magic'-Tour in Europe!! I was electrified by the thought this happening would take place without me - No Way!

I neeed a ticket, better two- oh my god, I was so desperate getting this f...tickets! But then, after trying several possibilities, In the last minute - lucky guy I was, I was drafted in a radio show to win TWO! tickets for their second (and last) Switzerland concert in Zurich Hallenstadion! It shall be their last appearance in Switzerland as the origin complete band ! Oh Freddy, I miss you at least once a week the last 21 years!

I lived in Berne 1986 and I was in my second apprenticeship year as a chocolat and pastry cook (pâtissier confiseur), so we needed to be on duty at six in the morning in the bakery??? It came as it had to come - we missed the last train from Zurich to Berne after Freddy had given several additional songs in a fabulous concert!

My working colleague and I held our thumbs up on the highway begin and, after three!! minutes (at one o'clock in the night - nowadays, nobody would stop for two young men) a man in his middle age stopped, and gave us a ride back home and just in time!