Queen in Zürich, Switzerland on 01.07.1986 (written by Luca Rascher)

The two last Queen dates with Freddie in Zurich were the peak of their superstar status – incredible stage and sound and an amazing setlist. Tickets were sold out in 2 hours and I was happy to have ones for both nights. On the first concert I was waiting in front of the Hallenstadion for my girlfriend. She didn’t show up – she had an accident and at that time handys didn’t exist. So I gave my surplus ticket away to a young fan. Having done that, she showed up and I had to find a new ticket – which cost me more than double on the black market – the things we do for love. The first night was incredible and Freddie’s voice got better and better during the show. The funny thing was, that the band seemed not to come back during Brian’s solo; it was probably his longest one in his whole career ! I believe, Freddie, Roger and John had a big laugh about that. The crowd went completely nuts that night – I have never seen such a response on a concert. The second night, like in 1982 and 1984, Freddie seemed less enthusiastic and they didn’t play some songs of the night before. It still was a magic night – and sadly enough, « my » last one with Freddie. I am deeply thankful I could see him and the band so many times – makes me feel old now, but very rich of beatiful memories.