Queen in Berlin, Germany on 26.06.1986 (written by Rob)

I was only a 16 yrs old, with a bunch of friends at the concert. We all had bottles of vodka or rum on us, some of us got though with them to share with the ones who did not. It was great to see Queen coming in, in a helicopter. We were standing near the front to the left, (not to the right, where those other Brits climbed the light post and Freddie had to ask them to come down). Before Freddie came out, I made my way to the front and center of the stage by myself. Anyone who tried to stop me, I offered them a drink of my Baccardi rum. Soon as I got up to the front and center, Freddie came out and began his first song, he stared right at me for most of the first song, after which I moved back to join my friends. Best concert ever!! Everyone song along to every song, Freddie even letting the audience take lead alot. Nothing can or could ever match it. I would pay anything to go again, if it was possible. :-(