Queen in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on 11.01.1985 (written by Rene Alexis Penaloza Munoz)

It was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Rock in Rio concerts were happening. Two weeks of the most varied types of band playing on a giant stage. Disparate as it may seem names such as AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, The B52's, Queen, Iron Maiden, James Taylor and Al Jarreau (!) to name a few, were at some point sharing the stage. The lighting rig was Queen's own from the The Works Tour. I got tickets for seven out of eleven gigs as a reward for finishing my university studies (thanks dad) and of course all my attention was directed to the Queen shows. One night while walking near the beach in Copacabana, I noticed some frantic action at the door of the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel. People were shouting and cheering, security people tried to keep the small crowd that was growing in numbers away from someone famous coming out of the hotel. It was Brian May!!! He had come down from his hotel suit to greet some fans that had lit a huge number of candles on the sand forming the word Queen. He stood there in the middle for a few minutes finishing lighting the last candles followed by an enthusiastic burst of handclapping from the surrounding fans. And he was a gentleman too, returning back to the hotel he stopped to sign autographs to any fan that may have felt compelled to request them, that includes me. Sad thing is, I seem not to remember where I hid mine, probably is resting in the middle of one of my books in my library. But the moment remains in my emory till this day. I met Brian in Person. I got his autograph.

Many years later while studying in London, I met Brian by chance at a coffee shop in Notting Hill Gate and at Windsor Castle but then I didn't have the guts to bother him.

And that's it. My other lively and beautiful memory are the Queen concerts in Sao Pauo (Brazil) in 1981, my very first concerts ever, but that's another story.