Queen in Chatham, UK on 02.12.1973 (written by Alison)

I'm currently working with someone who said they attended an early concert at Central Hall, Chatham - Mott the Hoople support - looking at your concertography, this must have been in the Dec of the Queen I tour - and that Queen were booed off stage!!! As he said "Well, everyone has to start somewhere..." but of course, he still sees it as something of a 'claim to fame' for him!!!

Queen in Chatham, UK on 02.12.1973 (written by Rob Lucas)

I was at the Mott the Hoople 02.12.1973, Chatham, UK - Queen was backing... I had front row center stage seats, it was amazing but I don't remember Queen being booed, far from it - Queen got the encore, not the main group that night! I just wish I had the foresight and cash to have bought their album which they were autographing for fans passing the ticket office on the way out.

Queen in Chatham, UK on 02.12.1973 (written by Dave)

Just to clarify the story at Chatham Central Hall gig on 2/12/1973. Having watched Queen introduced by Whispering Bob Harris on the "Old Grey Whistle Test" singing Liar, I immediately looked through the NME to find where this unbelievable band might be appearing. Chatham Central Hall was my closest and they may have been support to Mott The Hoople but they certainly didn't come second. There was a great support for this great new band, a lot, like me, having just seen them on TOGWT. Not only were they brilliant, but Freddie came back onstage during Mott the Hoople's encore and sang backing vocals on "All The Young Dudes". Brilliant night, never forgotten.