Queen in Milan, Italy on 14.09.1984 (written by Alex)

I have to thank my elder brother if today I can be here tellin'my story. He introduced me to Queen when I was 8 (he's 10 years older than me), feeding me with "Greatest hits" and "Live Killers". When "The Works" album came out and we saw them on tv during Sanremo, he promised me that if Queen ever had come to play in Italy he woud have brought me with him to see them.

When in late summer news spread about Queen playing Milan, we were in heaven.

I remember the full day queuing under the sun, the fans chatting, the atmosphere. There were also bad episodes, as a long delay before the opening of the doors, which caused some fights and made people very pushy. But when we entered and got our spot in the front all was forgotten.

There was no support band, so after a bit the lights went down and the "Machine" tape started it all and the band got on stage thru the mist! I clearly remember watching Freddie singing just 2 metres far from me... unbelievable. We managed to stay on the front just until "Killer Queen" then we moved backwards as the crowd was far too pushy, but we enjoyed every second.

Fab memories of us clapping along "Radio Gaga", of Freddie sporting tits in "Break Free" and a wig during the encores. I was enchanted by the lights, by the Metropolis stage ... It's not easy to put it into words, "you had to be there", definitely.

Strangely enough, the concert was far from being sold-out and one third of the sportspalace was empty... would you imagine this today?