Queen in Birmingham, UK on 31.08.1984 (written by Steve)

I was lucky to see Queen for three nights back to back on what were three awesome concerts. I travelled up from Carmarthen, West Wales with a friend to stay with my Auntie in Worcester on Friday night. Caught the train into Birmingham station and chilled out until the doors opened. I had a ticket two rows from the front and couldn't wait for Queen to hit the stage. While I was queing up to enter the arena some guy was asking for "any spare tickets". I was not going to give my ticket away to anybody as I had waited 5 years to see my idols!! The atmosphere in the arena was electric as the crowd waited for Queen to hit the stage. The support act were General Public fronted by the guy who use to be in The Beat. They were pretty awful and went off around 8.30pm. I WAS NOW READY FOR THE REAL THING. 30 minutes went by and realised that it would not be a 2 hour show as they had to be off stage by 11. At last the lights went out at 9.10 and on they came. What a sight!

Machines roared over the speakers and then they tore the place apart with Tear It Up. I was totally blown away by the sheer sound and presence of four rock gods doing their thing and was totally spellbound for the next 110 minutes. Let me say that this was rock and roll at its brilliant best. The set list was truly awesome and they played a lot of their early stuff - Liar, Keep Yourself Alive, Somebody To Love, Killer Queen - too many to mention and when they played Stone Cold Crazy / Great Kings Rat / Brigton Rock I just went crazy and could'nt wait for the encores. Hammer To Fall was totally brilliant and I remember Freddie grabbing a hat from a crazed fan as he had a hammer on it and playing around with it when Spike did his guitar entry for the final part. CLTCL went on forever with Spike and Freddie enjoying themselves at the piano and to cap it off, Freddie posturing around in an outrageous wig for Break Free and WWRY. By the time Champions came and went it was the end of a truly memorable and epic night. A night which I'll never forget and this was only the first night! On night 2 & 3 the set was the same except for Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting and Sheer Heart Attack as an encore on Saturday and Jailhouse Rock on Sunday. After the first show on Friday I was on such a high that we missed the final train back to Worcester and went back by taxi. I drove to the gigs on Saturday & Sunday. This has to be my favourite Queen tour in terms of satisfying the die hard fans. All their early songs from their early albums and a totally awesome stage act. A fantastic way to spend a weekend. Without doubt the greatest live act you're ever likely to see. I was only 21 at the time - I'm now forty and still have fond memories of these truly sensational shows. Please read my story about the Magic Tour '86.