Queen in Inglewood, California, USA on 14.09.1982 (written by Chris Hackett)

When I was 10 years old I heard the thundering riffs of Brian May and the mezmerizing sound of Queen emenating from the speakers of my Mom's quadrophonic stereo. My brothers and I would sing We Will Rock You, till we were blue in the face. On my twelfth birhtday I asked my Mom for tickets to see Queen at The Great Western Forum in Inglewood on the Hot Space Tour. As the concert got closer, I realized I would have to find a way to get there since Mom was out of town that night. Our babysitter didn't have a car, so we walked a mile to the LAX airport where we called a shuttle bus from the Airport Park Hotel, which used to be across the street from the Forum, and told them we were staying at the hotel. They picked us up, and we walked into the hotel, out the backdoor then crossed the street to the concert. While we were watching the opening act, Billy Squier, I noticed a row of empty seats seven or eight rows from our seats so I told my sitter we should get closer. We did this, and things were fine until about halfway through the set, a security guard said the seats were reserved and told us to go back to our seats. While I wondered who the seats belonged to and kept my eye on them, low and behold Rod Stewart and his entourage came and sat in four of the ten seats. I noticed that he had only one guy next to him then some empty seats, so I moved back to that row and sat next to the security guy. I asked him if I could shake his hand and he said NO! Rod doesn't do that. I was disappointed but realized he was a big star, and couldn't be bothered. We ended up watching Billy Squier from the seats with Rod Stewart sitting two seats away from me. About one song before intermission, Rod and his entourage got up and walked towards the tunnels, when a female fan noticed Rod, and reached over the railing and grabbed him by the hair and ripped a huge chunk of it out allthewhile screaming her head off in delight. I was shocked to see him dangling by his hair from this girls deathgrip, but couldn't help but wonder if Karma had anything to do with it for not shaking my hand. She got escorted out by security, he never came back to watch Queen, so I sat in his seat for the rest of the night. To this day I have seen hundreds of concerts over the years, and none quite compared to Queen. The Game is still my favorite album of all time.