Queen in Dallas, Texas, USA on 21.08.1982 (written by Terry Holt)

These three guys came walking past me at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas outside after the show. I noticed that only two of them had passes on their legs. Well, it wasn't long before they were walking my way again and I could tell they were looking for something and I immediately looked down at their legs and you guessed it....only one had a pass!!!! So, they walked past me again and I went in the direction that they had walked from. Low and behold there it was in all its glory!!!!! A QUEEN backstage PASS!! A pass to met the greatest band in history!!!

They had not removed all the backing off the sticker for maximum stick-age....maybe they didn't deserve to be in control of such a wonderful thing. Who knows..I didn't even think of taking the pass back to them. It was gift from God.Anyway, I peeled the backing off and headed backstage and quickly found a door to my liking. As I pulled open the door a voice said, You can't go in there ....you're pass isn't laminated. So, I asked, "Can I wait right here?" The man said, "Yes"

So I waited there and thought to myself, I need some paper and a pen for autographs, right? I walked a few feet and found a room with a phone, paper, pen and soft drinks. I opened a 7-up and went back to the area by the door. All of a sudden the door opened and it was Brian!! I asked him if I could borrow him for a minute and he said, yes. He asked for my name and then wrote out .. To Terry, All the Best!! Queen 82. While he was writing it out I told him how much I got off on the lead break of From Father to Son. Brian told me, "You have good taste in music." I told him he needed to write some more music like Queen 2. He said, Maybe one day and I told him, just do it on your solo record. At this point he hadn't done any solo records.

Now, Roger walked out and I told Brian I would see him again in a week in Oklahoma. He looked at me like he didn't even know where Oklahoma was...haha. So, I got an autograph from Roger and I told him to keep the solo projects coming. Brian got in his limousine and turned around and gave me a thumbs up!!!

Six days later I went to Oklahoma and watched Billy Squires sound check and took more pics.

Roger was nice but Brian was the kindest man and totally was into what I was saying to him!!

He knew I loved them!!!