Queen in Richfield, Ohio, USA on 31.07.1982 (written by Chuck)

One of my biggest memories of a Queen show was the one that I did not get to go to. I had just changed colleges as I was given a scholarship to attend school more than 400 miles from home. However, my best friend (and later best man at my wedding), Ray, had been saving our money to go to the show (tickets cost a whole $12.50). It was to be my third Queen show, having seen them in 1978 and in 1980. Nothing could be better than seeing the gang, and the tremendous stage show, with the phenomenal sound. We found out that we could order our tickets through the mail, so we put our check in the mail, along with the processing fees, and anxiously awaited the reply from Ticketmaster. The day that the tickets arrived, I called Ray and had him come over to open the tickets. We had hoped for good seats and we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that we were in the 8th row. Much to my chagrin, my elation on scoring the great seats did not last long. Within a few days of getting the ducats, I was contacted by my coach from my new college and advised that I had to be to school early. As a result, I ended up missing the concert. I guess the only saving grace is that I did keep the concert ticket as I just could not part with it. So to this day, I have an unused concert ticket from the show. Maybe, when they tour this year, they will let me redeem it to that show. Do you think I got a chance?