Queen in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 28.02.1981 (written by Jorge Fregonese)

In 1981 I had the honor of being the security coordinator for Queen in Argentina, I also was Freddy's translator and bodyguard. One evening, as we were leaving the 1st concert in Velez stadium the crowd was so big, that it was going to be dangerous for the band to leave in their cars (4 Ford Fairlanes). I came up with an idea... we emptied one of the police vans that were there to protect us against the crowds and filled it with the band, the security detail guys, Paul Prenter, Peter Freestone, Joe Fanelli... in all we were like 17 guys in there. The rest of the translators and the crew left in the normal cars to the sad faces of the crowd when they saw them exit without the band inside. Freddy's comment was "I love this, we look like hookers taken to jail after being picked up by cops".

We drove for 10 minutes with lights and sirens and motorcycles clearing the way until we passed a toll booth in a very crowded freeway (followed by a group of 20 or 30 cars with fans) we stopped in the middle of the freeway, emptied the van and got into the cars that were waiting for us. Meanwhile the crowd was trying to ram the toll booth because the attendant was to slow to process cars, when he learned that Queen was 1/2 a block away, he raised the electronic arm and ran out to chase us.

This is just one of the stories... more to come. Thanks to everyone for sharing these memories.