Queen in Zrich, Switzerland on 23.11.1980 (written by Luca Rascher)

The european Game tour started in Zurich and the Hallenstadion was packed with people. I was there with my girlfriend an my little cousin, 10 years, who I invited because of some excellent exams he did at school. This meant less time for my girlfriend and more occupation with the boy… It was great to see him being stunned by the group and the magic show. I was totally surprised by their beginning with Jailhouse Rock – but they got the audience right under control with it. The stage and lights were just perfect and very classy. Being the start of the tour, Freddies voice was very strong and he seemed to enjoy the moment. His showmanship skills got better and better – the audience did eat out of his hands and went really nuts. My cousin is still talking about that concert – and I feel happy I brought him to Queen and their music.