Queen in Inglewood, California, USA on 08.07.1980 (written by Elizabeth Wickham)

I was lucky enough to have been born in time to see (and meet) Queen. And it was AWESOME!!! Roger, Brian and John were so friendly and approachable, I felt they truly love their fans. My sister and I met them backstage at the Forum Club in LA in 1980 (The Game Tour). We weren't special VIP kids or anything, someone was just kind enough to see what it would mean to us to be admitted and meet our favorite band in the world. So they gave us their passes! Queen fans are so cool! After we went in, John Deacon came over to me and asked, "So, did you enjoy the show?" What a question to pose to such a big fan, and I couldn't believe John singled me out to ask my humble opinion! Roger signed autographs, talked to us for a while, and let us touch his hair! It was all so thrilling and surreal! We had so much love for Queen that we could barely contain ourselves! Afterwards, we waited to catch a glimpse of our heroes once again, outside where the limos emerge. The first limo to approach us was John's. He was smiling and waved at us as the car left us standing there reeling. Before we had time to regain our composure, the next limo came forward. It was Roger! The screaming started and he too smiled, waved, and was off to do whatever rock stars do after a show. Next Freddies limo appeared. He stood up, waved to everyone from the moon roof, blew kisses our way, and disappeared into the night, it was so very Freddie Mercury. We waited further and nobody cared how long it took. (Our parents would happily continue to wait in the parking lot, they were so excited for us). That last limo was Brian's. After a while, there was the sound of the engine and the car approached us slowly. By this time, we were willing to lie down in front of the car to get it to stop. Such drastic measures were not necessary because Brian stopped the car! He rolled down the window, which we thought was so cool! We all thought he would say a quick hello or something. Not so, he got out of the car and was actually surprised that everybody waited so long to see him! His exact words were "You've been waiting here all this time, have you? You're great, you know that?" He then hugged everyone, allowed us to touch him, signed autographs, answered questions, and was so genuinely sweet. He has maximum class - they all do! I love Queen for their incomparable music, for giving me this unforgettable experience, and for being such a huge part of my life!!! Their albums blared from our stereo (and became a soundtrack for our lives) and their faces graced our bedroom walls for all our teenage years. I am now 45 years old and still listen to their music in complete awe. I saw them again many, many years later (3/17/06 - Queen & PR) in Buffalo, NY. They did not surprise me - they put on a perfect show! Thanks for letting me share my story.