Queen in Vancouver, Canada on 30.06.1980 (written by Ray Scott)

I love your site and just wanted to help a little, I was at the 1980 show in Vancouver/Canada for the Game tour and there was no support band at all. I didn't know that was the first show of that tour, it was by far the best concert I've ever seen by any rock band, I'm a huge Queen fan and couldn't take my eyes off Freddie for the whole show. He came running out at the start, wearing his black leather jacket and tights, singing Jailhouse Rock. At the end of the show when Freddie was standing there and singing We Are The Champions, some guy at the front of the stage jumped up on the stage beside Freddie (you could see it startled him at first understandably) and you could see the security guys started coming out until Freddie put his arm around the guy and finished the song that way. Then the guy jumped back down into the crowd and no harm done. The best ten bucks I ever spent. I miss Freddie alot. Thank you for this great site.