Queen in Newcastle, UK on 04.12.1979 (written by Mike Hooker)

When the tickets went on sale for the Crazy tour in 1979 they sold out before I overcame natural inertia. Some time later I was in City Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK trying unsuccessfully to buy for another concert. This time I was a day early! Being as I was at the head of a queue I naively asked if they had any Queen tickets. The girl looked at me and sneered. They had had six tickets returned that morning and wasn't I a lucky xxxxxxx. She only allowed me two. Good enough!

When we turned up on 4th December I couldn't believe that our seats were in the centre of the stalls, six rows back from the end of Freddie's cat walk! The show was of course fantastic and made complete at the end of 'We will rock you' (webmaster's comment: it was probably another song). As the song finished, with the boys lined up front of stage, Brian threw a plectrum into the gaggle of girls at the front (mayhem as they tried to find half a square inch of plastic). Roger threw his drum sticks into the crowd and Freddie launched his tamborine towards the ceiling. I knew straight away, even as it was going up, that it was coming to me (cricket training). I reached up as high as I could and got to it first. Then all hell broke loose. I managed to wrestle myself down below my struggling neighbours together with my prize. As the next song began the mob lost interest and I slipped the tamborine over my foot and left it on the floor. After the final encore I slipped it under my stretch jacket, which hid nothing, and made my way out to the car and a safe gettaway. The tamborine is still with me and I occasionally pull it out and tell the story. It has no markings or indication of its previous owner so its only value is to me and the memory. Not that I would sell it. My only problem is that both my sons, now in their twenties, are avid Queen fans. Who to pass it on to?