Queen in Glasgow, UK on 30.11.1979 (written by anonymous)

Firstly a big thanks-you for this web-site being here in the first place (I think it's certainly the most "mature") and to all of the folks that have written their experiences. Particularly those who saw and wrote about Queen's "Crazy Tour". After many years of smoking weed and err.. other substances, my memory ain't what it used to be! But! These stories have sure opened a few pathways back into the cobwebbed depths and reminded me of how I felt as a young 16 yr old Scottish Lad queueing up to see Queen that cold dark November night in the winter of 79.

I arrived at the Apollo about 6:30 that night courtesy of the number 51 bus that dropped me just a stones throw from the Apollo entrance. I could see already there was quite a line formed. I scurried up the street and joined the back of the queue, right outside the little "chippie" (fish and chip shop) that was cram packed with Queen fans. After what seemed like forever there was suddenly a comotion going on at the entrance of the Chip Shop. "hey hey... watch it! Who the fuck do you think you..." "TRIPLE FISH AND CHIPS" yells out some big burly grungy looking biker kind of guy in an English accent, pushing his way up to the front counter... Ok so now you have about 2 dozen or so pissed off Glasweigians about to square up to this english bloke who's still muscling his way up to the counter screaming "TRIPLE FISH AND CHIPS"!!! "It's for Freddie", he turns and says to us all. "Oh it's for Freddie? Go right on ahead then Jimmy... no problem". Well I guess you had to have been there. Anyways I remember being midway up the theatre, just under the balcony. It suited me fine cos it looked like they'd built up the stage and I was pretty much about head height with Roger's bass drum. I remember trying to figure out what was actually on the drum skin, before the show it was too dim to see. It wasnt the Jazz logo, I knew that for sure. Well I was going to find out soon cos the lights went down and... and... (sorry I just lit one up... memory fading...) ahh nope, can't quite remember any intro music of the sort, maybe somethin low frequency perhaps? Anyway... smoke... flash... (drums & bass) DUM DUM.. DUM DUM... DUM DUM... DUM DUM... crowd going wild.. White light pulsing / bursting from the drum riser... (guitar feedback) DUM DUM... DUM DUM... Big mother of a lighting rig slowly rising DUM DUM.. BLAAAAAMMMMM explosion & blinding white light ... Fred appears! And were off and into "Let Me Entertain You" and not what I think everyone that had spent all summer listening to "Live Killers" were expecting. So it took me a song or two to figure out Roger's own face was on the front of the drum (only he could get away with it). Well the rest of the show was pretty much for me like the others have described (certainly in an emotional way), I do recall being a bit bummed at the sound of Roger's toms. Being a drummer I was waiting in anticipation for that fig ol fill in "Somebody To Love", you know right before Fred sings "I worked hard". Anyways the toms sounded like he was playing on a bunch of Cardboard boxes... awwww what a let down. But it got much better as the show went on. STL was pretty early on in the set. Well a couple of hours later I remember sitting on the bus home... ears ringing, hands raw from clapping, throat sore from singing... just sitting there dazed and loving every minute of it. How was the show? My folks asked when I got home... jeez what can you say... you had to be there!!

That was the one and only time I saw them live. Crazy Little Thing Called Love was too pop for me. I never bought any more records after Live Killers. They did incredibly well in re-inventing themselves and finding a whole new audience in the 80's, hats off to them. Best show I have EVER seen in my life.